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Welcome to (Ramzan) Ramadan News section, to see different information about Ramadan activities (games), Facts, Gift ideas, Decoration ideas, Songs (Audio Video) Mp 3, Hadith information and Umrah Packages in Ramadan 2019. 

We have explained everything about Ramadan Kareem in this section of the website.

From Ramadan Ringtone to Quiz (question Answers), Ritual and traditions to Facts, Essays to Rules for Ramadan. Ramadan Jokes and Memes are best to share on social media with friends.

If you are looking for Ramadan games and be busy at Ramadan, there are a list of fun activities you can perform during Ramadan 2019.

List of 10 facts about Ramadan is mentioned here, which is new information for our kids every parent should teach to their kids. You may learn Ramadan Hadith and facts to your children.

You can download beautiful Ramadan songs (Naat) in the form of videos and audio (MP3) to listen. That’s also a good idea to make your time useful. We also called it Naat as Muslim.

Muslim have great traditions of sending gifts to neighbors and family members, the Ramadan gift ideas included with shopping cards, online gifts, bags, Fanous, candles, Tasbee, and clothes. Muslims decorate their home with beautiful lights, famous and candles.

Umrah is close to heart to every Muslim, and middle-class families always search for Cheap Ramadan Umrah packages to visit Khana Kaaba.

Best Ramadan Tents Dubai 2019 for Iftari and Suhoor

Ramadan Tents 2019 for iftar UAE

Want to get the idea about Ramadan Tent 2019?  So, let’s take a deep dive in Ramadan Tent. Ramadan 2019 is going to start on the 6th of May.  With the start of Ramadan, Schedules changed according to Ramadan timetable. The working hours are shortened. Public spend the daylight hours in a quiet manner. But […]

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9+ Benefits of Ramadan Fasting 2019: Full Guide

What are the benefits of Ramadan 2019?

Do you have a fear that fasting in Ramadan might have a harmful effect on your health? Find out the surprising Benefits of Ramadan according to science for the human body that you will enjoy in Ramadan and their long-term positive impacts even after Ramadan. There are more than 10 health advantages and the importance […]

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Ramadan Lanterns (Crafts, Templates) 2019: Celebrate Holy Ramadan with Symbolic

Why Ramadan Lanterns are supposed to be a symbol of Ramadan?  Did you ever wonder why all Ramadan images highlight and feature beautiful and colorful lanterns (Fanous)? Do lanterns hold any symbolic meaning? With the beginning festivities of Ramadan Kareem, the entire Muslim community lightens up but lanterns are mainly used Arab countries. People will […]

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