Chhiwat Ramadan Sahla Recipe in english & arabic

Ramadan is the month where the variety of dishes are prepared. People of different culture make various dishes in suhoor and iftar. And this time we bring up Chhiwat Ramadan for you.


Here, you will find the latest videos of Chhiwat Ramadan. Pick any recipe from Chhiwat Ramadan and try it out. We are sure that you will never forget the unique taste of these recipes. So, hurry up! Pick any recipe and try it out in iftar feast!

Ingredients for Chhiwat Ramadan:

  • 500g almonds 30g
  • butter 30g
  • orange blossom
  • water 80g
  • sugar half a spoon
  • cinnamon gum arabic (optional)

How to make Chhiwat Ramadan Video?

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