Oman Ramadan Timetable Calendar 2022

We are going to catch the blessed month of Ramadan soon! Therefore the Oman Ramadan Timetable with Fasting hours (Sehri & Iftari) and Prayer timing is disclosed for your convenience. So, let’s prepare ourselves well to welcome this beloved month with open hearts. Try to take a break from the materialistic jobs and spend the holy month earning some virtues for your next life, the life which will be the result of your deeds in this world and will never end. This Oman Ramadan Calendar will help you to prepare for the upcoming Ramadan!

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Musket Oman Ramadan 2022 Timetable with Sahar-o-iftar timing

104;37 AM6;23 PM03 April/2022
204;36 AM6;23 PM04 April/2022
304;35 AM6;24 PM05 April/2022
404;34 AM6;24 PM06 April/2022
504;32 AM6;25 PM07 April/2022
604;31 AM6;25 PM08 April/2022
704;30 AM6;25 PM09 April/2022
804;29 AM6;26 PM10 April/2022
904;28 AM6;26 PM11 April/2022
1004;27 AM6;27 PM12 April/2022
1104;26 AM6;27 PM13 April/2022
1204;25 AM6;27 PM14 April/2022
1304;24 AM6;28 PM15 April/2022
1404;23 AM6;28 PM16 April/2022
1504;22 AM6;29 PM17 April/2022
1604;21 AM6;29 PM18 April/2022
1704;20 AM6;30 PM19 April/2022
1804;19 AM6;30 PM20 April/2022
1904;18 AM6;30 PM21 April/2022
2004;17 AM6;31 PM22 April/2022
2104;16 AM6;31 PM23 April/2022
2204;15 AM6;32 PM24 April/2022
2304;14 AM6;32 PM25 April/2022
2404;13 AM6;33 PM26 April/2022
2504;12 AM6;33 PM27 April/2022
2604;11 AM6;33 PM28 April/2022
2704;10 AM6;34 PM29 April/2022
2804;09 AM6;34 PM30 April/2022
2904;08 AM6;35 PM01 May 2022
3004;07 AM6;35 PM02 May 2022

Ramadan in Oman 2022

If you are not a resident of Oman and visiting this country first time during Ramadan then you must be careful because Oman applied the Islamic laws strictly. So, you have to follow the rules and regulations. You will be fined if you got caught while eating or drinking at public places during daylight. The institutions remain open but with short working hours. All hotels and cafés remain closed in the daytime and open at the time of Iftar and Omanis try their best to benefit themselves from the blessed month by following the state laws. So, try to show your good manners by respecting the blessed month.

When is Ramadan in Oman?

This year Ramadan Kareem is going to start on 6 May and will reach its end on 4 June. However, everyone knows that the start of the Islamic months depends on the sighting of the moon.

On 6 May, people will sit in front of their TV screens and wait for the decision of the moon sighting committee. Some will try to search for the crescent moon on the heights of the sky.

We always try to guide our visitors in a better way.  And this time, we bring up Oman’s Ramadan timetable with Sahar-o-Iftar and prayer timing for the citizens of Oman.

This year Oman will witness Ramadan Kareem from 2nd April to 02 May 2022.  If you want to visit Oman in near future Ramadan is the best time to witness the rich culture, beautiful traditions and peaceful, fun-loving environment of Oman.

How does Oman welcome and Celebrate Ramadan?

Oman is one of the states which have a rich traditional history of beautiful customs and rituals during Ramadan. The celebrations and rituals of Ramadan start with moon sighting. The peaceful, soulful, and fun-loving nation of Oman welcomes the month of blessings with pure heart and happiness. The preparation and celebrations of Ramadan start with shopping, getting special Ramadan supplies, special prayers in mosques, Taraweeh prayers, recitation of Quran and much more.

Special Preparations for Ramadan in Oman

Omanis looking forward to witnessing this holiest month of Ramadan and they celebrate this soul purified month with some grant, special preparations. They have a tradition of special prayers for the entire family, fasting and Iftar gatherings. The ritual of the first iftar at the elder’s home in the family depicts their harmony and love. The kids are super excited and energetic at the beautiful lightning all around the markets, streets, mosques and different buildings.

Families usually stock up food supplies and other things before the first Ramadan to perform fasting, prayers and worships without any tension. Particularly in Muscat and some other areas kids used to visit passageways in the neighborhood to celebrate the mid of Ramadan, this ritual is known as Qaranshaw. This tradition is similar to the rituals of various Gulf countries but with different names.

There are various seasonal markets held on special religious occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. The timings and dates of these markets are fixed and known to all citizens there. Habitat Market is the most popular and historically traditional market held especially in Ramadan for Eid-ul-Fitr.

Women prepare some traditional dishes which are mostly light and sweet, as well as exchange their food to neighbors and those who cannot afford it. Iftar corners also start around mosques where everyone can have food free of cost.

Ramadan Food in Oman

Omanis likes to break their fast with three special yet common food which is dates, milk, and water. This one is a great healthy habit as they avoid having a meal made in home-like pastries, cakes, cookies, or else. Or you can make your own traditional Ramdan Indian foods at home without going to market.

Dates are an important part of breakfast and iftar, this is the best habit inherited by their ancestors.

If you have more information about food or iftar tents in Oman, let us know.

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