How Much Bank Statement for UK Student Visa from Pakistan?

There are various bank statements required for students of different countries from Pakistan. Canada, the USA, Germany, and Australia have their bank statement and policies, and they can always be different from any country. 

In the following article, you will learn how much a bank statement for a UK student from Pakistan is necessary. The article will cover the understanding of bank statements, expenses, student fees, accommodation money, and the bank statement given by the government, along with the documents you must show while applying for the student visa so that the targeted audience gets complete information.

How Much Bank Statement for UK Student Visa from Pakistan?

Understanding of Bank Statement:

The first and foremost step is to understand the bank statement so that no one can fool you. The activity of one’s account for a certain period is known as a bank statement. The bank usually sends a statement on a regular schedule to the account owner, which can be monthly, yearly or quarterly. 

It is necessary to have the bank statement for applying for a UK student visa or any other visa to certify the money and duration of the funds held in the bank account. It is a confirmation from the security point of view. The signature of the bank is a must on the document. The paper must be headed paper. 

Following is some information one needs to gather while applying for a student visa from Pakistan. 

Money Requirement for Applying for a UK Student Visa:

Following are the few factors that one needs to consider, for example, the UK visa fees, tuition fees, and living expenses of the individual. 

Money Requirement for Applying for a UK Student Visa:

UK Visa Fees for Students:

Usually, the UK visa fees depend upon various factors, but the period of your course is the main factor. The recent update of the UK student visa fees is £348. Other than that, the health care charges come along with it, and the fee update for the health care charges is £470 per year. And you have to pay the UK visa fees when you apply for it. Like at the time of application, fees paid are mandatory. 

Study Fees (Courses):

The fees for the study always differ due to various factors, which include what type of courses you are going to take, the study period, which level you are going to opt for like is it bachelor, master, Ph.D., etc. and lastly, the school/college or university you are willing to choose. However, there is a general fee for different levels of study, which are as follows:

  • The average fee for undergraduate students is £10,000 to £30,000 per year. 
  • The average fee for postgraduate students is £10,000 to £40,000.

NOTE: A student must have to have the course fee for the program year, and if the period of the course is less than 12 months, then you have to show the money for the required courses. 

Money Requirement for Applying for a UK Student Visa: Study Fees (Courses)

Parked Funds:

To keep the money for a specific period in a particular account is known as parked funds. The money is useful for a fixed target. Which means you can’t use the fund for any other means. You can use the funds when you need to use it for that determined purpose. 

Accommodation in the UK:

Living expenses in any country always differ, and usually, the most expensive item is the rent of the apartment, even if it is one bedroom. For the UK, the living expenses depend upon the areas where you live, the traveling, food, and other utilities. The average estimate of these expenses is £1350 per month. The living cost includes the cost of a room apartment. But in the UK, the city also matters. Even if you are living in a room apartment, the city you are living in affects the cost of the apartment. 

Money Requirement for Applying for a UK Student Visa: Accommodation in the UK

These are the main requirements associated with the money a student needs for a UK visa now. Have a look at the documents that are essential for the submission of the visa application.

Required Documents:

For the application submission of a UK student visa, an individual has to be or at least show financial stability so that the UK government can believe that they can handle the financial responsibility while studying in the UK. To fulfill this purpose, an individual has to submit the following required documents:

  • First, you will need the bank statements.
  • A letter from the bank is also necessary.
  • Scholarship letter/sponsorship letter
  • Letter from the financial organization granting study loan
  • Building society passbooks.
  • Certificates of deposit.
  • Financial Evidence.
Money Requirement for Applying for a UK Student Visa: Required Documents:

There is also an essential requirement in which a candidate has to show financial income evidence and prove that the following are the documents required:

  • Candidate’s personal bank account
  • Parent’s or guardian’s bank
  • A joint account with anyone
  • A joint account with your parents
  • Your spouse’s account

Rule of 28 Days for Course Fees:

The 28-day rule is for the money you need for the UK courses you will opt for. They must be in your account within 28 days. The amount of money should remain the same as per the requirement. 

If the money goes down even for a day, your application may go towards the refusal. Ensure that your account’s closing balance is at most 31 days when you apply for the visa application. The government will notice 28 days from the ending balance of your account. 

What About the Online Bank Statement?

When you have to prove financial stability, each country has its own rules and regulations. You can show your financial stability through your bank statement regarding a UK student visa. Moreover, there are some requirements for that. The bank statement must be the official document, the account owner’s details, the bank’s letterhead, and the stamp. 

The bank statements should be within 31 days before the submission of the visa date, and they should at least cover 28 days. A cover letter is also necessary to ensure the bank statement’s validity. You should have enough money to cover all your expenses while you study in the UK. 


In conclusion, the above is all the information given for an individual looking to collect enough information to apply for a student UK visa.


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