Apply Egypt Visa for Pakistani (Requirements)

Egypt is one of the most prevalent Arab-Muslim countries, which aligns with various attractions for tourists from around the world. Meanwhile, if you are considering taking a round trip to Egypt from Pakistan, you must be clear and familiar with all the basic requirements.

The process of visa filling and all the activities regarding an Egyptian visa for Pakistanis is similar in other countries. The basic requirements and credentials are the same: a valid passport. However, people still need clarification about how to get an Egypt visa for themselves.

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For removing all the visa-related queries of Pakistanis, here is the detailed and summarized information stated in the section below so that the persons can fulfill their visit needs to Egypt. Then, a visit can be for various reasons, including a tour, vacation work, or formally visiting their loved ones. All these needs are accomplished if you have obtained a visa for Egypt.

Egypt Visa for Pakistani

Let’s disclose the comprehensive details about the Egypt visa blow;

Egypt Country

Specifically, Egypt is known and famous for its pyramids, and the country’s economic growth is monitored through the tourist’s visits. It covers the overall GDP of the country to around 11%. However, one condition visitors or travelers must fulfill for the vista is assurance that they could comprise a total currency of $10,000 or more to sustain the basic lifestyle.

Additionally, before allotting the Egypt visa, the authorities ensure that the person will not be involved in any illegal activity that can invade the reputation of their territory. This is why the Egypt visa also requires a character clearance certificate.

Egypt Country

Process to Apply

The most traditional and notable method for Pakistanis to apply for an Egypt visa is through the embassy. Locate the map and look for the Egypt embassy in your region. To get the location idea, you must follow the steps below.

We have narrated the basic process of applying for an Egypt Visa for Pakistani in a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

  • To start the process, you must be sure about What type of visa you need. Because the embassy deals with every visa type in an alternative manner, be authentic about the information you want.
  • Afterward, you must check the credential requirements and basic documentation details to submit to the consulate or embassy. Start preparing the document. According to the official website, this list of the required documents is mentioned in the section below.
  • You will get a specified visa application form for Egypt through an embassy, or you can even download it from the official website, which you must fill out. Along with this application form, you better attach all the other documents so that the process can proceed.
  • Submit the application form and documents to the embassy and wait for the interview appointment. The interview is optional in some cases. t is an exceptional category of steps.
  • The visa processing time varies, but if we talk about the general estimation, it would be days at maximum. You will get a response within precisely two months.
  • In case of approval, the embassy will return your passport with the visa stamped on it.
Process to Apply

After this, you can confirm your tickets and move next to the destination – EGYPT.

Egypt E-VISA

Most recently, the authorities have launched the most convenient visa option for people around the globe, including Pakistan. This precise option lets people apply online through the visa portal and upload the required documents online on the portal.

If the people choose the e-visa option, they must make all the activities related to the visa file online. Your documents will be uploaded online, the application fee will be paid online, and most importantly, the application form will be filed online.

When you get the visa approval, the visa will be revised in PDF format that has to be printed so that it can be shown to the authorities while traveling.

  • It allows travelers to apply for visas online, eliminating the need for in-person visits to embassies or consulates. This simplifies the application process and saves time.
  • It often has shorter processing times than traditional paper visas, allowing travelers to receive their visa approvals more quickly.
  • Applying for an e-visa can be more cost-effective as it eliminates the need for postal fees, courier services, and travel expenses associated with visiting embassies or consulates.
Egypt E-VISA

Visa Requirements 

To narrate the most crucial and essential elements of the visa process, here are all the requirements below to get visa approval. Your file must contain the following documents;

  • Fully authentic and valid Pakistani passport (the passport must comprise the blank page for the visa stamp. If the passport does not contain any, you must renew it. Additionally, consider the passport’s expiry date; it should be at most six months.)
  • Recent passport-size photograph with an aspect ratio of 45 by 35 mm. Moreover, ensure the passport does not contain any expression, and the applicant should not wear eyeglasses. Some applicants staple the photograph on the application file unless this photograph needs to be glued on the visa file.
  • Complete the visa application form with a certified sign and stamp.
  • Flight confirmation slip that contains the date and time of travel. Complete travel details of Egypt, along with the credential describing the date of arrival and departure from the country.
  • Hotel reservation slips to provide proof of accommodation.
  • Vaccine certificate for yellow fever
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical insurance in case of any emergency
  • A relevant invitation letter/Employment letter/Proof of Business activity
  • 6 – Month bank statement
  • Police clearance/character certificate describing no criminal background.
Visa Requirements 

Estimated Visa Expense 

The essential cost of the visa is the same for the types of access you want to avail. However, the time or duration of stay in Egypt varies depending on the visa type. The estimated general visa charges for business and tourist visas in Egypt is PKR 40,000. Moreover, the visa embassy for Egypt is located in the UN Boulevard Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.

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