Earn Money By Playing Games Without Investment In Pakistan

Do you want to earn a good amount of money online without any need for investment? Then read our article which explains just that. We have mentioned some of the most popular apps that are available online.


Everyone wants to earn money easily with no investment. One such way to earn is through online games. There are several games that are present and they are very fun to play. To start playing these games you do not need any investment or some special skills.

Every game that is mentioned works differently so try to get as much information as you can so that you do not waste your time.

Earn money by playing games without investment in Pakistan

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan

The top games which can be played to earn real money are listed below.

Battle Infinity

In Pakistan, there is a good chance to play Battle Infinity and get paid. This is a game based on crypto and NFTs. The money exists in IBAT tokens. You can buy these tokens starting from as low as 1 Dollar.

In the game, you can earn money in several ways. This includes

  • NFT battle games in which you can not only play but also buy and sell your assets.
  • Inviting Friends: If you can invite a lot of friends then you should use this game as it has an Ambassador program in which you can get up to 5 dollars. This is equal to about 1400 Pakistani rupees.

There are about 6 platforms offered in the Black Infinity. About 2 of them are currently working while 4 are under work and will be live soon.

Also, did you know that Battle Infinity was one of the widely used Metaverse platforms in 2022? Due to all these reasons, in Pakistan, one of the most played games for money is Battle Infinity.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : Battle Infinity

Forest Knight

Another game on PC and mobile platforms where you can get money just by playing is Forest Knight. The game provides an incredible adventure story with different Heroes. We can say that this game merges traditional mobile gaming with blockchain technology to make them able to earn money just by playing.

In the game, you must acquire NFTs in order to receive money. These can then be added to your wallets After that, you can make money by selling these tokens. Although the costs of these tokens might change, playing this game can bring in a very high profit.

Additionally, you can list the items that you acquired during your game on the marketplace of Forest Knight. Depending on how rare your items are, you can increase the value of your item.

Click this link to get the application from the Play Store.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : Forest Knight


Zareklamy is a useful platform to earn money simply by spending some time on it and engaging in all of its activities. The app has a good rating in the Google Play Store and it lets you make money from a variety of activities, such as watching movies, playing games, filling out surveys, browsing websites, and even signing up for newsletters.

There is a $25 minimum withdrawal amount, and the process is simple to use. Bank transfer, Payoneer, and, PayPal are the withdrawal options.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : Zareklamy

Bitcoin Blocks

On the Play Store, bitcoin blocks are rated 4.6 out of 5. This is simply because of its usefulness. The Bling company made the game. The game requires you to break blocks by matching the ones having the same color.

All you have to do to begin making money is sign up before every game. Following your registration and gameplay, you can exchange your Bling points for more Bitcoin.

Getting to the stage where you can take out a substantial amount of money takes some time. A player can only earn a few cents or rupees. If you have the required minimum, you can cash out your obtained money after every seven days.

Download the game of Bitcoin Blocks by clicking here.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : Bitcoin Blocks


The popular game of rummy is available to play online and is played by players worldwide. A quick game of rummy that is very comparable to a real-life version is offered by many Rummy applications and Indian batting websites. Thirty million players regularly play online rummy games on the website and app.

The websites offer improved functionality, a strong security base, and an excellent gaming experience. They provide players with chances to win money over time and rank these players in the competition. With this creative advancement in basic online rummy games, all players will have an equal opportunity to test their rummy talent and win cash.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : Rummy

Online Poker

Similar to Rummy, poker is a popular game where participants bet on who has the best hands. This is done according to the regulations of a particular game. Even though the game’s earliest known version only required 20 tash, a standard deck is usually used when playing it nowadays. There are a lot of popular poker games that are being played online.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : online poker

Bitcoin Pop – Get Bitcoin!

Another app coming from the makers of Bling is called Bitcoin Pop. The game is exactly like a normal bubble-shooting application, with the exception that you can win real money in it. You can utilize the Coinbase website to convert your Bling points into Bitcoin by creating a free account.

Simply register to begin earning money from the application. On the Google app store, the game has a high rating of 4.6 stars. Take note that obtaining a substantial quantity of Bitcoin requires time. You will win more money the more you play.

List of Best Online Earning Games in Pakistan : bitcoin pop - get bitcoin

You can download the game here.

Pros and Cons of Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2023

Earning online has several benefits from earning money to flexibility in your schedule. Despite these benefits, there are some risks associated with this. To know more about these, read the following pros and cons that I mentioned.

Possibility of earning a significant amount of money  

There are several ways to earn money that require you to put effort and some amount of investment. Unfortunately, not everyone can do a job or has some money to invest. That is why you should go for these games in which there is no need for any investment and you just have to give some amount of time every day.

There are several games that are mentioned above and you can choose the one that you deem fit according to yourself and then start earning a lot amount of money on it.

Convenience and flexibility

The online games do not require you to get ready and go to work. Instead, you can play the game anytime you want according to your convenience. You also have a flexible schedule meaning that you can play it any time of the day. This can be in the morning or at night depending on your comfort.

Scams and frauds

One of the risks associated with playing these games is online scams. There are scammers online that are waiting to attack you and steal your money. Some online apps require you to pay some money for registration and then they just leave you hanging.

Pros and Cons of Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2023 : scams and frauds

Opportunity for skill development

A chance for skill development exists in some of the online earning games, where players need to improve abilities like strategy, hand-eye coordination, and fast decision-making.

Risk of addiction

Playing too many games can cause addiction in players mainly young ones. This can not only be harmful to their health but also make them neglect their responsibilities.

Lack of job security

Online money-making games don’t guarantee job security because the platforms can stop at any time, leaving players without a way to earn money.

Pros and Cons of Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2023 : lack of job security

Tips for Playing Online Earning Games in Pakistan in 2023

Although one cannot completely stop the risk associated with playing these games there are some precautions that you can take to save yourself from any harmful effects.

Protection of your personal information

The most important thing that you need to do is to be careful with your personal information and try to avoid sharing it online.

Set limits on your gameplay

Establish time limits and boundaries for your games to prevent wasting too much in playing and ignoring other necessary duties.

Research the game and the platform

Make sure the game and the platform are trustworthy before you spend time and energy on them. For this, you can search online and check forums.


In Pakistan, you can earn money by playing online games. These games don’t require any investment and you just have to work hard. Also, you can play these games from anywhere and at any time. Aside from these benefits, some risks are involved in playing online games. But these can be taken care of with necessary precautions.

Now go and earn money from these games.

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