Indian Ramadan Timetable Calendar 2023 – Fasting timing, Prayer time

The month of Ramadan is approaching soon in India! Luckily, we have also prepared the India Ramadan Timetable with Sahr-o-Iftar (Fasting Timing) and Prayer Timetable, which is displayed below in a lovely way. I am sure everybody will join us in saying a warm welcome to the holy month.

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims all around the world, including India. The exact dates for Ramadan in 2023 will be determined by the sighting of the moon, but it is expected to start on the evening of Thursday, March 23, 2023, and end on the evening of Friday, April 21, 2023. Here is a general Ramadan timetable for India based on those expected dates:

This India Ramadan Calendar will guide you throughout the blessed month to start & open your fast and offer prayers at the right time. We have tried to make this timetable free of errors. But if you find any inconvenience, kindly let us know about it in the comments. This timetable applies to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore cities of India. So, we can confirm and correct it for our visitors.

Note: This Calendar applies to all cities in India, We have updated the information.

India Ramadan Timetable 2023 with Sahar-o-Iftar Timing

105:26 AM6:52 PM24 Mar 2023
205:25 AM6:52 PM25 Mar 2023
305:24 AM6:52 PM26 Mar 2023
405:23 AM6:52 PM27 Mar 2023
505:23 AM6:53 PM28 Mar 2023
605:22 AM6:53 PM29 Mar 2023
705:21 AM6:53 PM30 Mar 2023
805:20 AM6:53 PM31 Mar 2023
905:19 AM6:53 PM01 Apr 2023
1005:18 AM6:54 PM02 Apr 2023
1105:17 AM6:54 PM03 Apr 2023
1205:16 AM6:54 PM04 Apr 2023
1305:15 AM6:54 PM05 Apr 2023
1405:14 AM6:55 PM06 Apr 2023
1505:13 AM6:55 PM07 Apr 2023
1605:13 AM6:55 PM08 Apr 2023
1705:12 AM6:55 PM09 Apr 2023
1805:11 AM6:56 PM10 Apr 2023
1905:10 AM6:56 PM11 Apr 2023
2005:09 AM6:56 PM12 Apr 2023
2105:08 AM6:56 PM13 Apr 2023
2205:07 AM6:57 PM14 Apr 2023
2305:06 AM6:57 PM15 Apr 2023
2405:05 AM6:57 PM16 Apr 2023
2505:04 AM6:58 PM17 Apr 2023
2605:04 AM6:58 PM18 Apr 2023
2705:03 AM6:58 PM19 Apr 2023
2805:02 AM6:58 PM20 Apr 2023
2905:01 AM6:59 PM21 Apr 2023
3005:00 AM6:59 PM22 Apr 2023

Mumbai India Ramadan Calendar Prayer Timings – Adhan Time

Kanpur04:40 /am06:27 /pm
Hyderabad04:56 /am06:31 /pm
Delhi04:49 /am06:41 /pm
Ahmadabad05:14 /am06:56 /pm
Surat05:15 /am06:55 /pm
Mumbai05:17 /am06:54 /pm
Pune05:14 /am06:50 /pm
Bengalore05:03 /am06:32 /pm
Chennai04:52 /am06:22 /pm
Calcutta04:12 /am05:53 /pm

Ramadan 2023 in India

Muslims of India celebrate this month in a traditional and religious way. Everyone tries to spend the best time of the holy month to develop a pure relationship with Allah and be a better person with a pure heart and soul. Many Masajid arranges the Sahar and Iftar meals for poor and needy people, and Special arrangements are made to offer Namaz-e-Taraweeh.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a time of fasting and prayer for Muslims all over the world. Ramadan began on May 16th this year and will end on June 14th. The Indian Muslim calendar also follows the lunar cycle and thus the dates of Ramadan vary from year to year in the Gregorian calendar. This year, Ramadan coincides with the Hindu month of Shraavana.

The month of Ramadan is considered to be a time of great blessings and Muslims are encouraged to increase their religious observances during this time. The most important observance during Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset. This includes not only refraining from food and drink but also from any sinful behavior. The goal of fasting is to purify the soul and to increase one’s spiritual connection with Allah.

Muslims break their fast each day with a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor and then eat again after sunset called Iftar. Suhoor is typically a light meal, while Iftar is a more festive meal with friends and family. In India, there are many special dishes that are enjoyed during Iftar. Some of these include samosas, pakoras, halwa, and sheer khurma.

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