Dua-e-Tawassul | Dua Tawassul

Dua-e-Tawassul: Dua-e-Tawassul lyrics is recited by Shia Muslims for multiple supplications. It is a series of Duas. There is a tradition of Shia Muslims to recite this particular Dua every evening on Tuesday to gain blessings. They also have a practice of reciting this Dua at public gatherings because there are many Dua e Tawassul … Read more

Rizq ki Dua | Rizq Me Barkat Ki Dua

Rizq ki Dua

Rizq Me Barkat Ki Dua Allah Almighty has promised to his creation that he will take care of their Rizq. Allah tells us that our sustenance(rizq) is in the hands of him and not in our hands or efforts. He is surely our Raaziq (provider). Whether we are deprived from sustenance or we have plenty … Read more

Manzil Dua | Manzil Dua Read Online

Manzil Dua read online

Dua e Manzil Manzil Dua is a collection of 33 verses from different parts of the Quran-e-Pak. What is Manzil Dua for? It is the essence of protection against different negative entities like Jinns, blacks magic, and illness. Reading Manzil daily can have many positive impacts on our lives. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) used to recite … Read more

Dant Dard Ki Dua | Dua For Toothache

Dant Dard Ki Dua in urdu

Dant Dard Ka Wazifa Every kind of pain in the body hurt badly but when it comes to toothache the pain is not endurable. One cannot eat, drink or talk properly. Islam bestows us with several Duas to cure the pain of the tooth. These prayers are related to dant dard ka rohani ilaj. If … Read more

Fotgi Ki Dua | Prayer For Death

Fotgi Ki Dua

Fotgi Ki Dua: Life is not permanent and when we come to this world, one day we have to go to our creator. As our souls promised to Allah Almighty that we will come back to you. Whenever our beloved relative or friend or anyone dies, Muslims are directed to recite the following prayer which … Read more

Chipkali Bhagane ki Dua | Surah Maun For Lizard

Chipkali Bhagane ki Dua

Chipkali ko Bhagane ki Dua Chipkali Bhagane ki dua for Lizards those are present in almost every household and almost everyone wants to get rid of them. Lizards are stubborn and they don’t go away easily. They start reproducing, to get rid of these pests’ people often use pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides but many people … Read more

Tahajjud Ki Dua | Tahajjud Namaz Time

tahajjud ki dua qabool hoti hai

Namaz e Tahajjud Ki Dua Islam provides us with farz prayers as well as some Nafl prayers too. Allah Almighty has kept richness of peace and utter safety from sins in a Nafl prayer known as Tahajjud Prayer. Tahajjud is a voluntary prayer which is recited after Isha in the last third of the night. … Read more

Khwab mein barish dekhna in Urdu, Hindi, English

khwab mein barish dekhna kaisa hai

Khwab mein barish barasty huwy Dekhny ki tabeer In Islam or almost all religions, dreams have their significance and meaning. Muslims firmly believe if you see something in a dream it can be a message for you. But some dreams are shown from Shaitan and some are a message from Allah Almighty. Just like that, … Read more