Dua e Ashura in English, Urdu, Hindi translations (pdf free download)

The first 10 days of Muharram, the Islamic calendar’s first month, get called Ashura. Also, It has to do with the grieving of the Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A.), the Grandson of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). At Karbala, he sacrificed his own life as well as the lives of his friends. Also, Dua e Ashura is the insurance of a year’s life, according to many narrations.

Dua e Ashura in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic with PDF files to download for free. Apko iski Fazilat, benefits or sari language ki translation bee dain gy.

dua e ashura with urdu translation

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Dua E Ashura With Translation in Hindi & Urdu


Ya Qaabila tawbati Adama Yawma ‘Ashuraa-a

Ya faarija karbi Dhin-nuwni yawma ‘Ashuraa-a

Yaa jaami’a shamli Ya’qooba yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa saami’a daw’wati Moosaa wa Haaroona yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa mugheetha Ibraaheema min an-naari yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa raafi’a Idreesa ilas-samaa-i yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa mujeeba daw’ati Saalehin fin-naaqati yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa naasira sayyidinaa Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallama) yawma ‘ashooraa;

Yaa rahmaan ad-dunyaa wal-aakhirati wa raheemahumaa;

Salli ‘alaa sayyidinaa Muhammadin wa ‘alaa aali sayyidinaa Muhammadin wa salli ‘alaa jamee’il-ambiyaa-i wal-mursaleen;

Waqdi haajatinaa fid-dunyaa wal-aakhirati wa atil ‘umranaa fee taa’atika wa mahabbatika wa ridaak!

Wa ahyinaa hayaatan tayyibatan wa tawaffanaa ‘alal-eemaani wal-islaami bi rahmatika yaa arham ar-raahimeen.

Allaahumma bi ‘izzil-hasani wa akhi wa ummihi wa abeehi wa jaddihi wa baneehi;

Farrij ‘annaa maa nahnu feehi.

dua e ashura in urdu hindi english arabic versions for all world all religions

Imam Hussain Quotes – For you

Translation in English: 

  1. In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate
  2. You who accepted the repentance of Adam on this day of Ashura;
  3. You who delivered Jonah from his burden on this day of Ashura;
  4. You who reunited Jacob (with his son) on this day of Ashura;
  5. You who heard the plea of Moses and Aaron on this day of Ashura;
  6. You who rescued Abraham from the fire on this day of Ashura;
  7. You who raised Idris to heaven on this day of Ashura;
  8. You who answered the plea of Saleh with a she-camel on this day of Ashura;
  9. You who helped our Master Muhammad (S.A.W.) on this day of Ashura;
  10. Merciful One in this lowly world and the hereafter; O Compassionate One of the two abodes;
  11. Bestow your grace upon our Master Muhammad and the people of Muhammad, and all the prophets and all the messengers
  12. And grant us our need in this life and the hereafter, and give us many years in Your obedience, love, and pleasure.
  13. And return us to a life of purity and take us not (in death) except upon faith and submission by Your mercy, O You who is the most compassionate of all those who show compassion.
  14. Allah! By the honor of Hasan and his brother, and that of his mother and father, and by the honor of his Grandfather(S.A.W.) and that of his children
  15. Relieve us of what has occurred to us.

Benefits of Dua e Ashura – Fazilat

  • According to a narration, if a person does four rakahs of Nafl with the Ayat-ul-Kursi for one rakah and Surah Ikhlas three times following Surah Fatiha, in each rakah and then supplicates this duaa, Allah would fulfill him his wishes (SWT). Additionally, it is Sunnah to observe a fast on the day of Ashura. Also, to follow this Sunnah, use the Islamic calendar for your country.
  • Imam Zainul Abidain (RA) narrates this dua. Whoever recites this Dua e Ashura on the ten of Muharram, any time following sunrise and before sunset would have it as insurance for a year’s life.
  • On the tenth day of Muharram, we remember the liberating occasions throughout the Islamic world. Hussein R.A.., the adored grandchild of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., is thought to have perished tragically on this day.
  • On the Day of Ashura, we also recall how division and hatred may result in destruction and the death of innocent people. In a speech, Pakistan’s Prime Minister declares that his country stands for harmony rather than separation, peace rather than conflict, and love rather than hatred about the Ashura incident.
  • The first degree of fasting on Muharram is considered the best and most thorough of the three. Feel free to carry out whatever is practical and most comfortable for you. You may also observe a fast on the 10th and 11th of Muharram.


  • What gets considered the Sunnah of Ashura?

Muslims in Karbala also observe Ashura as a day of mourning in honor of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Additionally, since Prophet Muhammad kept a Roza or observed a fast on this day, doing so gets regarded as a sunnah.


the Dua e Ashura is a highly significant prayer to recite throughout the ten days of the month of Muharram. This dua is very valuable and is sometimes regarded as life insurance for the next year. Thus, give it your entire attention and study it attentively in order to completely comprehend the meaning of this dua.

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