Turkey Ramadan Timetable – Fasting timing, Prayer time

Hey, Turkish buddies! Ramathan will be here soon! Are you prepared to welcome the blessed month? Muslims follow the Islamic calendar that’s why each year the Holy month of Ramadan arrives 10 or 11 days earlier. Like last year it was started on 02 April 2022 and ends on 01 May 2022.

The Istanbul Turkey Ramadan Timetable (Calendar) with fasting timing and prayer time is available here for your assistance. You can use this timetable to reschedule your working routine according to Ramadan Timetable.

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Istanbul Turkey Ramadan Timetable with Sahar-o-Iftar Timing

102, Sat06;03 /am01;47 /pm06;18 /pm08;06 /pm09;32 /pm
203, Sun06;01 /am01;47 /pm06;18 /pm08;06 /pm09;33 /pm
304, Mon06;00 /am01;47 /pm06;19 /pm08;07 /pm09;34 /pm
405, Tue05;58 /am01;46 /pm06;19 /pm08;08 /pm09;35 /pm
506, Wed05;57 /am01;46 /pm06;20 /pm08;09 /pm09;36 /pm
607, Thu05;55 /am01;46 /pm06;20 /pm08;10 /pm09;36 /pm
708, Fri05;54 /am01;46 /pm06;21 /pm08;10 /pm09;37 /pm
809, Sat05;52 /am01;45 /pm06;21 /pm08;11 /pm09;38 /pm
910, Sun05;51 /am01;45 /pm06;21 /pm08;12 /pm09;39 /pm
1011, Mon05;49 /am01;45 /pm06;22 /pm08;13 /pm09;40 /pm
1112, Tue05;47 /am01;44 /pm06;22 /pm08;13 /pm09;41 /pm
1213, Wed05;46 /am01;44 /pm06;23 /pm08;14 /pm09;42 /pm
1314, Thu05;44 /am01;44 /pm06;23 /pm08;15 /pm09;44 /pm
1415, Fri05;43 /am01;44 /pm06;24 /pm08;16 /pm09;45 /pm
1516, Sat05;41 /am01;43 /pm06;24 /pm08;17 /pm09;46 /pm
1617, Sun05;40 /am01;43 /pm06;24 /pm08;17 /pm09;47 /pm
1718, Mon05;38 /am01;43 /pm06;25 /pm08;18 /pm09;48 /pm
1819, Tue05;37 /am01;43 /pm06;25 /pm08;19 /pm09;49 /pm
1920, Wed05;35 /am01;43 /pm06;26 /pm08;20 /pm09;50 /pm
2021, Thu05;34 /am01;42 /pm06;26 /pm08;20 /pm09;51 /pm
2122, Fri05;32 /am01;42 /pm06;26 /pm08;21 /pm09;52 /pm
2223, Sat05;31 /am01;42 /pm06;27 /pm08;22 /pm09;53 /pm
2324, Sun05;30 /am01;42 /pm06;27 /pm08;23 /pm09;54 /pm
2425, Mon05;28 /am01;42 /pm06;28 /pm08;24 /pm09;55 /pm
2526, Tue05;27 /am01;42 /pm06;28 /pm08;24 /pm09;56 /pm
2627, Wed05;25 /am01;41 /pm06;28 /pm08;25 /pm09;57 /pm
2728, Thu05;24 /am01;41 /pm06;29 /pm08;26 /pm09;59 /pm
2829, Fri05;23 /am01;41 /pm06;29 /pm08;27 /pm10;00 /pm
2930, Sat05;21 /am01;41 /pm06;30 /pm08;28 /pm10;01 /pm
3001, Sun05;20 /am01;41 /pm06;30 /pm08;28 /pm10;02 /pm
Antalya05:14 /am07:21 /pm
Bursa05:14 /am07:29 /pm
Bagcilar05:12 /am07:31 /pm
Istanbul05:12 /am07:30 /pm
Izmir05:25 /am07:36 /pm
Ankara04:59 /am07:14 /pm
Cankaya04:59 /am07:14 /pm
Konya05:05 /am07:14 /pm
Adana04:55 /am07:02 /pm
Gaziantep04:47 /am06:54 /pm

Ramadan Timetable for Following Cities of Turkey

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Bursa
  • Adana

Ramadan in Turkey

Fasting is the fifth pillar of Islam and it’s the duty of Muslims to fast during this month. However, Islam is not a strict religion and gives its followers enough space as it freed the sick and children from this obligation.

The people of Turkey anxiously wait for Ramadan Kareem. They try to spend much of their time developing true relationships with God by offering prayers, reciting the Quran, and by fasting to bring out the real spirit of the month.  Females spend time in the kitchen preparing dishes for Iftar and Sahar. Well-off families arrange Iftar and Sahar meals for poor people.

The timetable for the upcoming Ramadan with fasting and prayer timing is displayed in separate tables. We have tried our best to make this information accurate, however, if there is any error you can let us know about it.

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