USA Ramadan Calendar – Fasting + Prayer Timings

In the month of Ramadan, Allah Almighty opens up the doors of forgiveness, mercy, and blessings upon his followers. All Muslims across the world wait for this Holy Month all year so that they can perform their duty of fasting during Ramadan and ask for forgiveness. The (American) USA Ramadan Timetable is for citizens of New York City (NYZ), Los Angeles (CA), Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.

Ramadan Calendar USA NYC with Fasting Timing and Prayer Timing

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims all around the world, including in the United States of America. The exact dates for Ramadan in 2023 will be determined by the sighting of the moon, but it is expected to start on the evening of Tuesday, March 21, 2023, and end on the evening of Thursday, April 20, 2023. Here is a general Ramadan timetable for the USA based on those expected dates:

105;38 AM7;12 PM23 Mar 2023
205;36 AM7;13 PM24 Mar 2023
305;34 AM7;14 PM25 Mar 2023
405;33 AM7;15 PM26 Mar 2023
505;31 AM7;16 PM27 Mar 2023
605;29 AM7;17 PM28 Mar 2023
705;27 AM7;18 PM29 Mar 2023
805;25 AM7;19 PM30 Mar 2023
905;24 AM7;20 PM31 Mar 2023
1005;22 AM7;21 PM01 Apr 2023
1105;20 AM7;23 PM02 Apr 2023
1205;18 AM7;24 PM03 Apr 2023
1305;16 AM7;25 PM04 Apr 2023
1405;15 AM7;26 PM05 Apr 2023
1505;13 AM7;27 PM06 Apr 2023
1605;11 AM7;28 PM07 Apr 2023
1705;09 AM7;29 PM08 Apr 2023
1805;07 AM7;30 PM09 Apr 2023
1905;05 AM7;31 PM10 Apr 2023
2005;04 AM7;32 PM11 Apr 2023
2105;02 AM7;33 PM12 Apr 2023
2205;00 AM7;34 PM13 Apr 2023
2304;58 AM7;35 PM14 Apr 2023
2404;56 AM7;36 PM15 Apr 2023
2504;55 AM7;37 PM16 Apr 2023
2604;53 AM7;38 PM17 Apr 2023
2704;51 AM7;39 PM18 Apr 2023
2804;49 AM7;40 PM19 Apr 2023
2904;48 AM7;41 PM20 Apr 2023
3004;46 AM7;42 PM21 Apr 2023

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Check Ramzan Messages for Wishing People

San Antonio06:16 /am07:54 /pm
Phoenix05:05 /am06:50 /pm
Los Angeles05:29 /am07:15 /pm
San Diego05:27 /am07:10 /pm
Chicago05:13 /am07:17 /pm
Brooklyn05:21 /am07:22 /pm
Manhattan05:21 /am07:22 /pm
New York City05:21 /am07:22 /pm
Philadelphia05:27 /am07:26 /pm
Houston06:03 /am07:41 /pm

Importance Of Ramadan In Islam:

In Islam, the month of Ramadan holds a very special place among all Muslims owing to two major causes:

  • First of all, the Holy Quran, the book of eternal guidance was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the month of Ramadan.
  • And secondly, the thirty days of fasting in the month of Ramadan direct to the auspicious and glorious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr for all Muslims across the world.

What Is The Purpose Of Fasting In Ramadan?

Islam is a very peaceful religion that sees its followers help the less fortunate and poor individuals throughout their lifetimes. While thirsty and hungry throughout their fasting day, it becomes a constant reminder for all Muslims of the suffering of the less fortunate and poor of the world. Ramadan permits followers to focus their minds on devotion to their faith through expressing gratitude, prayers, helping the poor, and seeking forgiveness. In a few Muslim countries, during Ramadan, it is an offense to fail to observe the fasting.


The month of Ramadan is given great significance by Muslims.  The Muslims in every corner of the world welcome and observe Ramadan with all the reverence, prestige, and devotion it deserves. The Masjids are filled with Followers of Islam, the recital of the Holy Quran takes place and individuals become charitable. In the month of Ramadan, all Muslims make special arrangements to ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty and His mercy and blessings.

Astonishing Health Advantages Of Ramadan:

  • Boost The Brain:

Undoubtedly you will be conscious of the constructive effects fasting can have on spiritual focus and mental health, but the brain-boosting powers of this month are even more important than you might believe. A study performed by scientists in the United States of America found that the mental focus attained throughout Ramadan boosts the level of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which reasons your body to generate more brain cells, therefore improving the function of the brain. Likewise, a separate decrease in the amount of your hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal gland, denotes that stress levels are very much decreased both throughout and after Ramadan.

  • Dates:

Although three dates are consumed at the start of Iftar each day throughout this month for spiritual causes, they also have the additional bonus of numerous health advantages. One of the most significant aspects of fasting is getting the correct amount of power, and contemplating an average serving of dates holds thirty-one grams (just over one oz) of carbohydrates, it is one of the wonderful foods to provide you a boost. Dates are also an amazing way of getting a little much-required fibre, which will help and improve your digestion during Ramadan. Append to that their high levels of magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins, and it fast becomes obvious that the dates are one of the healthiest fruits available.

  • Lower Cholesterol:

We all acquaint that weight loss is one of the doable physical results of fasting throughout Ramadan, but there is also a complete host of healthy changes going on BTS. A squad of cardiologists in the UAE found that individuals observing the duty of fasting during Ramadan enjoy a constructive effect on their lipid profile, which denotes there’s a decrease of cholesterol in their blood. Low cholesterol boosts cardiovascular health, greatly dropping the risk of suffering from a heart ailment, a stroke or a heart attack. What is more, if you pursue a healthy diet after this Holy month, this recently lowered cholesterol level ought to be simple to maintain.

  • Ditch Bad Habits:

Because you’ll be fasting throughout the day, this holy month is the ideal time to ditch the bad habits you have for good. Vices like sugary foods and smoking ought not to be indulged throughout Ramadan, and as you keep off them, your body will slowly get used to their absence until your habit is kicked for good. It is also much simpler to quit habits when you do this as a group, which ought to be simple to find throughout Ramadan. Fasting’s capability to help you cut out your bad habits is so important that the United Kingdom’s National Health Service suggests it as the perfect time to end smoking.

  • Detoxify:

As well as being awesome for spiritually purifying yourself, this holy month acts as an incredible detox for the body. By not drinking or eating during the day the body will be presented the rare possibility to detoxify the digestive system during the month. When the body begins eating into fat reserves to male energy, it’ll also burn away any damaging toxins that might be there in the fat deposits. This body purification will leave a blank healthy slate behind and is the ideal stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lasting Appetite Decrease:

One of the major issues with severe fad diets is that any weight loss is frequently fast put back on, at times even with a bit added extra. It is not the case with this month. The decrease in food eaten throughout fasting reasons the stomach to slowly shrink, meaning you will require eating less food to feel full. If you desire to get into the custom of healthy eating, then this holy month is a perfect time to begin. When it is ended your craving will be lower than it was before, and you will be far less likely to overeat.

  • Absorb More Nutrients:

By not consuming during the day throughout Ramadan you will find that the metabolism becomes more competent, meaning the number of nutrients you get from food improves. It is because of a boost in the hormone called adiponectin, which is generated by a combo of fasting and eating late by night and permits the muscles to take more nutrients in. It’ll direct to health advantages all around your body, as different areas are capable of better absorbing and utilize the nutrients they require to function.

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