Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2022 – Timetable, Prayer & fasting timing

Looking for Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2022? Hey, Pakistan! Ramzan Mubarak is just around the corner, and we are trying our best to provide up-to-date information about this divine month. And, The Ramadan Calendar (Timetable) for Pakistan is here with complete information about prayer and fasting timing (Sehri timing/ Iftari Timing). This year Ramadan is going to start on 03 April 2022 and will end on 02 May 2022. We try to provide accurate information about Ramadan starting and end dates but there can be a variation due to moon sightings.

You can choose a calendar according to your city. If You wanna add your own city, comment below.

Before Calendar, have a look on Quotes and Images.

Note: According to the new update of Moon sighting in Pakistan, we have updated Calendar now.

As RUMI says in his poem about Ramadan: “It’s time to change our ways” so, It’s time to change our ways, it’s time to restore our Emaan, it’s time to be nobody, and it’s time to fly with a pure soul by doing proper Ibadan and fasting. In this way, they can manage time to enjoy the blessings of this sacred month.  Here, you will also find the Fasting, and Prayer timings in this Ramadan in Pakistan, Karachi, Islamabad, LahorePewshar, Rawal Pindi, Faisalabad, and Multan.

Ramadan Calendar for Pakistan TimeTable (Iftar time + Sehri Time)

103 April/202204;2618;26
204 April/202204;2418;26
305 April/202204;2318;27
406 April/202204;2118;28
507 April/202204;2018;28
608 April/202204;1918;29
709 April/202204;1718;30
810 April/202204;1618;30
911 April/202204;1418;31
1012 April/202204;1318;32
1113 April/202204;1218;32
1214 April/202204;1018;33
1315 April/202204;0918;34
1416 April/202204;0818;34
1517 April/202204;0618;35
1618 April/202204;0518;36
1719 April/202204;0318;36
1820 April/202204;0218;37
1921 April/202204;0118;38
2022 April/202203;5918;39
2123 April/202203;5818;39
2224 April/202203;5718;40
2325 April/202203;5618;41
2426 April/202203;5418;41
2527 April/202203;5318;42
2628 April/202203;5218;43
2729 April/202203;5118;43
2830 April/202203;4918;44
2901 May 202203;4818;45
3002 May 202203;4718;45

Lahore Ramadan Timetable with Prayer Timing (Adhan)

103, Sun04;28 /am12;07 /pm04;37 /pm06;23 /pm07;46 /pm
204, Mon04;26 /am12;06 /pm04;37 /pm06;24 /pm07;47 /pm
305, Tue04;25 /am12;06 /pm04;37 /pm06;24 /pm07;47 /pm
406, Wed04;23 /am12;06 /pm04;38 /pm06;25 /pm07;48 /pm
507, Thu04;22 /am12;06 /pm04;38 /pm06;26 /pm07;49 /pm
608, Fri04;21 /am12;05 /pm04;38 /pm06;26 /pm07;50 /pm
709, Sat04;19 /am12;05 /pm04;39 /pm06;27 /pm07;51 /pm
810, Sun04;18 /am12;05 /pm04;39 /pm06;28 /pm07;52 /pm
911, Mon04;16 /am12;04 /pm04;39 /pm06;28 /pm07;52 /pm
1012, Tue04;15 /am12;04 /pm04;40 /pm06;29 /pm07;53 /pm
1113, Wed04;14 /am12;04 /pm04;40 /pm06;30 /pm07;54 /pm
1214, Thu04;12 /am12;04 /pm04;40 /pm06;30 /pm07;55 /pm
1315, Fri04;11 /am12;03 /pm04;41 /pm06;31 /pm07;56 /pm
1416, Sat04;10 /am12;03 /pm04;41 /pm06;32 /pm07;57 /pm
1517, Sun04;08 /am12;03 /pm04;41 /pm06;32 /pm07;58 /pm
1618, Mon04;07 /am12;03 /pm04;42 /pm06;33 /pm07;59 /pm
1719, Tue04;05 /am12;02 /pm04;42 /pm06;34 /pm07;59 /pm
1820, Wed04;04 /am12;02 /pm04;42 /pm06;34 /pm08;00 /pm
1921, Thu04;03 /am12;02 /pm04;42 /pm06;35 /pm08;01 /pm
2022, Fri04;01 /am12;02 /pm04;43 /pm06;36 /pm08;02 /pm
2123, Sat04;00 /am12;02 /pm04;43 /pm06;36 /pm08;03 /pm
2224, Sun03;59 /am12;01 /pm04;43 /pm06;37 /pm08;04 /pm
2325, Mon03;58 /am12;01 /pm04;44 /pm06;38 /pm08;05 /pm
2426, Tue03;56 /am12;01 /pm04;44 /pm06;38 /pm08;06 /pm
2527, Wed03;55 /am12;01 /pm04;44 /pm06;39 /pm08;07 /pm
2628, Thu03;54 /am12;01 /pm04;45 /pm06;40 /pm08;08 /pm
2729, Fri03;52 /am12;01 /pm04;45 /pm06;40 /pm08;09 /pm
2830, Sat03;51 /am12;00 /pm04;45 /pm06;41 /pm08;10 /pm
2901, Sun03;50 /am12;00 /pm04;45 /pm06;42 /pm08;11 /pm
3002, Mon03;49 /am12;00 /pm04;46 /pm06;43 /pm08;12 /pm

Islamabad Pindi Ramzan Calendar 2022 Download

103 April/202204;2718;34
204 April/202204;2618;34
305 April/202204;2418;35
406 April/202204;2318;36
507 April/202204;2118;37
608 April/202204;2018;37
709 April/202204;1818;38
810 April/202204;1718;39
911 April/202204;1518;40
1012 April/202204;1418;40
1113 April/202204;1218;41
1214 April/202204;1118;42
1315 April/202204;0918;43
1416 April/202204;0818;43
1517 April/202204;0618;44
1618 April/202204;0518;45
1719 April/202204;0318;46
1820 April/202204;0218;47
1921 April/202204;0018;47
2022 April/202203;5918;48
2123 April/202203;5818;49
2224 April/202203;5618;50
2325 April/202203;5518;50
2426 April/202203;5318;51
2527 April/202203;5218;52
2628 April/202203;5118;53
2729 April/202203;4918;54
2830 April/202203;4818;54
2901 May 202203;4718;55
3002 May 202203;4518;56

Karachi Pakistan Ramadan Calendar Timings 2022

105;04 /am6;50 /pm03 Apr 2022
205;03 /am6;50 /pm04 Apr 2022
305;02 /am6;51 /pm05 Apr 2022
405;00 /am6;51 /pm06 Apr 2022
504;59 /am6;52 /pm07 Apr 2022
604;58 /am6;52 /pm08 Apr 2022
704;57 /am6;52 /pm09 Apr 2022
804;56 /am6;53 /pm10 Apr 2022
904;55 /am6;53 /pm11 Apr 2022
1004;54 /am6;54 /pm12 Apr 2022
1104;53 /am6;54 /pm13 Apr 2022
1204;52 /am6;55 /pm14 Apr 2022
1304;50 /am6;55 /pm15 Apr 2022
1404;49 /am6;56 /pm16 Apr 2022
1504;48 /am6;56 /pm17 Apr 2022
1604;47 /am6;56 /pm18 Apr 2022
1704;46 /am6;57 /pm19 Apr 2022
1804;45 /am6;57 /pm20 Apr 2022
1904;44 /am6;58 /pm21 Apr 2022
2004;43 /am6;58 /pm22 Apr 2022
2104;42 /am6;59 /pm23 Apr 2022
2204;41 /am6;59 /pm24 Apr 2022
2304;40 /am7;00 /pm25 Apr 2022
2404;39 /am7;00 /pm26 Apr 2022
2504;38 /am7;01 /pm27 Apr 2022
2604;37 /am7;01 /pm28 Apr 2022
2704;36 /am7;02 /pm29 Apr 2022
2804;35 /am7;02 /pm30 Apr 2022
2904;34 /am7;03 /pm01 May 2022
3004;33 /am7;03 /pm02 May 2022

Ramadan 2022 Timing Cities in Pakistan

Pakistan Ramadan Calendar and Time table with Prayer timing and Fasting time

  • Karachi 
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Pewshar
  • Faisalabad
  • Rawal Pindi
  • Multan

We are preparing for calendars for each city in Pakistan to help you out. Ramadan is very different from the past few years, as you see different things, and some countries are having the worst health issues.

I don’t know that either someone feels it or not but I feel that when Ramadan Kareem comes, the environment of your home, city, and even country suddenly became somewhat unique like something pure and sacred. The announcements of Sahar-o-Iftar timing from Masajid, the offering of Namaz-e-Travieh make this month matchless. We have shared an infographic image of the Pakistan Ramadan Calendar for 2022.

This Ramadan doesn’t forget to help the needy people around you because the real meaning of fasting is to feel the pain of needy people. The pain of people around you who don’t have blessings that you are enjoying and wasting without any care. So, find the deserving people and gift them the Fitrana and Zakat to complete your responsibilities.  Must recite Quran-e-Majeed, offer prayers, don’t do backbiting, and keep your thoughts clean.

In Pakistan, Ramadan is coming in the peak summer season for many years. And it’s much harder to manage all of your duties while fasting. Therefore, This Ramadan Timetable for Pakistan is like a gift so people handle some of their work before the starting of Ramadan Kareem.

Download Free Pakistani Ramadan calendar 2022.

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