UAE Ramadan Timetable 2023 Fasting, Prayer (Sehri Iftari Timings)

Happy Ramadan Kareem UAE People!! Are you looking for an accurate Sehr o Iftar timing for Ramadan 2023? So here is Dubai Ramadan UAE calendar/timetable for 2023. Do you want to start breakfast with the accurate timings of the country you live in? You have surely stumbled upon the right website because do not worry about the timings whether you belong to Fiqa Jafria or Fiqa Hanafi, the section in the calendar provides precise timings during the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan (Ramzan).

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Ramadan is an important month for Muslims in the UAE, and the exact dates for Ramadan in 2023 will be determined by the sighting of the moon. However, based on astronomical calculations, it is expected that Ramadan will start on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, and end on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Here is a general Ramadan timetable for the UAE based on those expected dates:

Dubai UAE Ramadan Calendar with Fasting Timing & Prayer Time 2023

123 March 202304:5918:33
224 March 202304:5818:34
325 March 202304:5718:34
426 March 202304:5518:34
527 March 202304:5418:35
628 March 202304:5318:35
729 March 202304:5218:36
830 March 202304:5118:36
931 March 202304:5018:37
1001 April 202304:4918:37
1102 April 202304:4818:37
1203 April 202304:4618:38
1304 April 202304:4518:38
1405 April 202304:4418:39
1506 April 202304:4318:39
1607 April 202304:4218:40
1708 April 202304:4118:40
1809 April 202304:4018:40
1910 April 202304:3818:41
2011 April 202304:3718:41
2112 April 202304:3618:42
2213 April 202304:3518:42
2314 April 202304:3418:43
2415 April 202304:3318:43
2516 April 202304:3218:44
2617 April 202304:3118:44
2718 April 202304:2918:45
2819 April 202304:2818:45
2920 April 202304:2718:45
3021 April 202304:2618:46


We have mentioned the complete calendar to determine the timings correctly till the end of Ramadan. Using our guide individuals can easily plan their Iftari or Sehri with friends and family. People working in private or public sectors will get a chance to take leave or vacations during the holidays after Ramadan. Here is the complete Sehri Iftari Ramadan timing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Al Ain cities of UAE (United Arab Emirates).

UAE Cities Ramzan Timetable with Fasting Timing & Prayer Time 

CitiesSehri TimingIftar
Al Ayn04;49 /am06;34 /pm
Abu Dhabi04;55 /am06;40 /pm
Ajman04;49 /am06;36 /pm
Dubai04;50 /am06;36 /pm
Al Fujayrah04;46 /am06;32 /pm
Ra S Al Khaymah04;47 /am06;34 /pm
Diba04;46 /am06;33 /pm
Khawr Fakkan04;46 /am06;32 /pm
Sharjah04;49 /am06;36 /pm
Umm Al Qaywayn04;49 /am06;35 /pm

When will be Ramadan 2023 in UAE?

Astronomers always keep making predictions and Ramadan is just a few months away. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and it is marked by the sighting of the moon. The official announcement of Ramadan is announced by the moon-sighting committee in Saudi Arabia and according to intentions Ramadan.

Importance of Ramadan

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims must abstain from drinking, eating, smoking or even chewing gum while fasting. The basic pillar of Islam is observed before dawn until sunset. Extensive buffets, HI-tea, and different gatherings are common during the month of Ramadan. However, the pace of life is slow during Ramadan mainly in UAE because of strict labour laws which are reduced up to 2 hours and working hours changed from 9 am to 2 pm. Thus, Muslims must focus on Allah, do good deeds, read Quran and donate to poor as much as possible.

Ramadan in UAE 2023

Fasting during Ramadan is a religious obligation that is practised worldwide by all Muslims symbolizing renewal, and rituality. Just like in other countries, Ramadan in UAE is practised in a different way. all business timings are adjusted accordingly and during daytime life continuous at a slow pace but after breaking the fast, UAE and its people get alive. Along with religious offerings, UAE experiences a variety of occasions, hosts different events and gatherings just to celebrate the true spirit of Ramadan 2023. UAE continuously gives charity, donations and celebrates togetherness during the season.

Feast traditionally

UAE is surely a country with epic islands, amazing waterparks, and skyscrapers. Everyone in the world wants to enjoy the gleaming experience, especially during the month of Ramadan. The place is filled with glamour, glitz and arrange great feasts or provide the best arrangements for Sehr o Iftaar. Different restaurants and hotels offer Bedouin-style tents for Iftaar along with dining options. Live cooking with specialities such as Lebanese; Turkish or Middle Eastern and traditional Arabian cuisine is enjoyed for Iftaar.

However, the feast doesn’t stop here it continues till Sehr. People enjoy food as a pre-fasting meal between 1 AM to 4 Am. Thus, we can say that complete Ramadan reflection is seen around the country. Cinemas, places of local entertainment and clubs open at different hours in Ramadan. People either Muslims or non-Muslims try to behave respectfully by not smoking, singing or dancing in the public.

Beautiful Traditions of Ramadan in UAE

UAE is a country having rich Islamic traditions, rituals, art, and history. The country holds long, old but golden Islamic history in terms of intensive beautiful traditions, behaviours, and customs. Since Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims; therefore, its celebrations, beginnings, rituals; customs and best hospitality are extremely unique, exclusive and incredible.

Pre-Ramadan Tradition in UAE

Ramadan preparations and traditions in UAE start from mid-Shaaban, the month before Ramadan. The day known as Hagg Al-Layla is the day of celebration when children dressed up best to go to neighbours’ houses to and recite traditional poems and songs. Also, their neighbourhood offered them sweets, cakes, candies, etc. as a beautiful festive gesture and children put all these in particular cloth bags.

UAE Ramadan Welcoming Traditions

Emiratis used to celebrate, welcome Ramadan in their special traditional manner, surprisingly many of the traditions are still followed. Beautiful lightings on streets, housing areas, mosques, and other buildings is also one of the popular traditions in UAE. In almost all gulf countries Ramadan rich, old traditions are still alive and followed by the residents. Whereas you may witness some advancement in their old traditions but yet their beauty and colourful flavour remain similar.

Historic Beautiful Traditions in the United Arab Emirates

Similarly firing of cannons at the time of Iftar is an old but alive tradition of UAE which is an integral part of Islamic culture and being followed by many Muslim countries. Besides, the Ramadan tent is a beautiful tradition in which well-settled people offered free iftar meals to those who cannot afford good food.

Traditionally UAE conducts various awareness campaigns, lectures or seminars to aware people of religion, promoting charitable activities and knowledge about Ramadan.   The reason for these awareness lectures is to educate people about the importance and rewards of doing charitable activities as much as you have. These lectures specifically spread knowledge about Islam, righteous deeds and how to get pure soulful spirituality within you.

Also, many recognized Islamic scholars from all over the world are invited to spread their light of knowledge and enrich the holy month.

UAE Ramadan Moon Sighting 2023

Ramadan witnesses a warm welcome and colourful celebration from the day when the Ramadan moon is sighted. As mentioned above residents start preparing for Ramadan half a month before but the aroma of celebrations of Ramadan is impossible to describe in words. The witnessing eyes can only feel the warmth, magic, harmony, and ambience of traditions in Ramadan.

Emiratis are so warm, peaceful, welcoming and hospitable as they start wishing Ramadan Kareem from the day when the moon is sighted. All people greet one another as a love and peace gesture which really shows their desperation and love for the holy month of Ramadan.

UAE Ramadan Announcement

Ramadan’s announcement in UAE is also traditional and beautiful even in this modern era. The cannon is fired to announce and welcome the most awaited holy month of Ramadan in almost all regions across the country. Also, special prayers start as an announcement of Ramadan Kareem in all mosques.

UAE Ramadan holidays

Ramadan is all about soulful fasting, attentive prayers, volunteering for charitable activities and being close to the Almighty. Therefore to make Ramadan easier UAE offers some changes in working timings and also increases holidays enabling Muslims to spiritually connect to the Almighty without worrying about worldly things.

Most of the offices, working places, etc. reduce their long timings to provide relief to people with fast. However, the government announces special holidays mostly in the last 10 days of Ramadan enabling Muslims to perform additional prayers and worship.

UAE Eid Ul Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr is the gift of Allah Almighty after the successful period of fasting and purification of the soul. it is the celebration day for the entire Muslim Ummah to get dressed up beautifully, meet your family and friends and greet them, Happy Eid. The UAE will InshaAllah witness Eid-ul-Fitr. We hope all Muslim countries including UAE will be having peaceful, blissful and joyful Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr this year.

Keep yourself updated

With the advanced technology citizens of the UAE can keep themselves updated with the Sehr, Iftaar and namaz timings as clearly mentioned in the table. The individuals can also know the sunrise and sunset timings accurately. It is advised to keep yourself updated with Ramadan timings and dates because of moon sightings. Happy Ramadan!

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