Apply for UMRAH Visa from Pakistan Online

The Muslim community has its only place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they have a vast respect for this place. However, to perform holy practices, the Muslim requires a specialized visa permit that only binds to practicing religious activities. Umrah is one such spiritual practice that is considered a non-compulsory pilgrimage. 

Muslims went to Saudi Arabia to visit the birthplace of their religion, where they asked for the mercy and forgiveness of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Whereas to reach KSA, especially for UMRAH, requires you to apply for a visa permit so that the territory has the precise record of you entering their region.

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In this regard, how to Apply UMRAH Visa Online from Pakistan? Most people need to find out the procedure in detail. To elaborate on the system, here is the quick overview summary below for the comprehensive analysis and user guidelines.

Apply for UMRAH Visa Online from Pakistan

Let’s find out the facts below;

Umrah Visa for Pakistani Muslim Community

Before perusing the process online or through the agents and advisors, the first and foremost undertaking occurs from the fees and budget perspective. We learned that the Visa for Umrah was almost free when we started seeking information about it. However, the other charges and procession fees are around 50,000.

The fees are for all Umrah-related services as well as procession actions. Other than this, the following query is for the period required for visa confirmations. A person can seek an Umrah visa within 24 hours in an emergency, but the average estimation is around 5 to 10 days.

Umrah Visa for Pakistani Muslim Community

Online Application

There are versatile travel agencies in Pakistan that deal with visas, and Umrah permits for people unaware of the online process. This travel agency proves a bit expensive as it also includes their service charges for the operation,

For the user’s convenience, the authorities of Saudi Arabia have introduced a specialized Electronic service that provides access to the visa regulations and helps you to achieve the visa within one day.

In case you want to save money, here is an online procedure available that can facilitate you to a great extent covering all sorts of customer service charges. The basic steps to Apply UMRAH Visa Online from Pakistan are as follows;

  • Reach out to the Maqam Platform online, and through the portal access, locate the most credible and authentic Companies dealing with the Umrah facilities.
  • The portal reach will help you build and design an Umrah package that includes the visa procession and covers the transportation while Umrah, accommodation, and most importantly, the charges for the primary ground services.
  • When you are done choosing the package, you will be assigned the specified code Reference number, which will relate to the rest of the activity for the procession and confirmation.
  • Afterward, you are redirected to the official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the portal access will provide you with the rest p with the visa process.
  • Follow the credentials as it appear and wait for the visa confirmation.
Online Application

Basic Requirements

While following up on the visa process online from Pakistan, you must ensure you have the required documents. The list of these documents includes;

  • First of all, you need to be a Muslim to avail of the Umrah visa
  • Online application for a visa
  • A passport that is valid and not expired. (in case it has expired, you can renew it from the Passport office)
  • National identity card (For children B-Form is valid)
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate (It should be no longer in duration than four weeks)
  • Photograph with white background (Passport Size)
  • Vaccination for other malignant diseases
  • Travel insurance certificates
  • Proof of guardianship for the female traveling with someone other than her parents.

Through the online approach, the process of authentication and processing of the visa file has become more streamlined, personalized, highly secure and safe to consider.

Basic Requirements

Estimated Price Ranges

The Umrah price ranges as per the package you choose. Sometimes the users select the package with transportation, and others select the one without transportation. This choice of package appears different in terms of price. The charge details include the following;

  • Biometric Charges = 1500 RS
  • Visa amount with transportation = Approx. RS 57,500
  • Via amount without transportation = Approx. RS 55,100

Final Statement

The process and requirements for applying for an Umrah visa can change over time, so always verify the latest information from the official sources or your chosen travel agency. Starting the application process well in advance is recommended to ensure a smooth and timely experience. Additionally, you can refer to the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah or consult with relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information.

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