Canada Ramadan Calendar [2023] Timetable Fasting times

Download and Check the Canada Ramadan timetable 2023 Calendar and fasting timings!! Are you a resident of Canada? Then do not worry about the timings of Ramadan in Canada (Timetable). All foreigners want to know accurate fast timings, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan, so you have stumbled upon the best website.

We have mentioned accurate timings and dates of Canada’s Ramadan calendar which enables you to start and break the fast at optimal timings of Sehr o iftar (fasting time) in Canada. It is good to start breakfast at right time. Are you worried about the Fiqa? There is no need to worry because we understand your concern and the timings regarding Fiqa Jafria and Fiqa Hanafi are mentioned below in the table.

Canada Ramadan Calender Timetable 2023

123, Thu5;58 AM1;25 PM4;51 PM7;33 PM8;53 PM
224, Fri5;56 AM1;25 PM4;52 PM7;34 PM8;54 PM
325, Sat5;54 AM1;25 PM4;53 PM7;35 PM8;55 PM
426, Sun5;52 AM1;24 PM4;53 PM7;37 PM8;57 PM
527, Mon5;50 AM1;24 PM4;54 PM7;38 PM8;58 PM
628, Tue5;48 AM1;24 PM4;54 PM7;39 PM9;00 PM
729, Wed5;46 AM1;23 PM4;55 PM7;40 PM9;01 PM
830, Thu5;44 AM1;23 PM4;55 PM7;41 PM9;02 PM
931, Fri5;42 AM1;23 PM4;56 PM7;43 PM9;04 PM
1001, Sat5;40 AM1;23 PM4;57 PM7;44 PM9;05 PM
1102, Sun5;38 AM1;22 PM4;57 PM7;45 PM9;06 PM
1203, Mon5;36 AM1;22 PM4;58 PM7;46 PM9;08 PM
1304, Tue5;34 AM1;22 PM4;58 PM7;47 PM9;09 PM
1405, Wed5;32 AM1;21 PM4;59 PM7;49 PM9;11 PM
1506, Thu5;30 AM1;21 PM4;59 PM7;50 PM9;12 PM
1607, Fri5;28 AM1;21 PM5;00 PM7;51 PM9;14 PM
1708, Sat5;26 AM1;20 PM5;00 PM7;52 PM9;15 PM
1809, Sun5;24 AM1;20 PM5;01 PM7;53 PM9;16 PM
1910, Mon5;22 AM1;20 PM5;01 PM7;54 PM9;18 PM
2011, Tue5;20 AM1;20 PM5;02 PM7;56 PM9;19 PM
2112, Wed5;18 AM1;19 PM5;02 PM7;57 PM9;21 PM
2213, Thu5;16 AM1;19 PM5;02 PM7;58 PM9;22 PM
2314, Fri5;14 AM1;19 PM5;03 PM7;59 PM9;24 PM
2415, Sat5;12 AM1;19 PM5;03 PM8;00 PM9;25 PM
2516, Sun5;10 AM1;18 PM5;04 PM8;02 PM9;27 PM
2617, Mon5;08 AM1;18 PM5;04 PM8;03 PM9;28 PM
2718, Tue5;06 AM1;18 PM5;05 PM8;04 PM9;30 PM
2819, Wed5;04 AM1;18 PM5;05 PM8;05 PM9;32 PM
2920, Thu5;02 AM1;17 PM5;06 PM8;06 PM9;33 PM
3021, Fri5;02 AM1;17 PM5;06 PM8;06 PM9;33 PM

This is the same timing on following cities of Canda:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal
  • Niagara Falls
  • Victoria
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Quebec
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton

Ramadan 2023 in Canada

People in Pakistan fast from dawn to dusk while in foreign countries people follow their own timetable because of variations in Azaan timings. Even though there is a complete variation in moon sightings and regional customs, so people in Canada follow up Islamic lunar calendar as well as the timings due to which Canadian Muslims need to fast during daylight hours.

The fast can be broken with any meal or drink or even water. Muslims living in Canada often host daily iftar or Sehri (Fasting Hours) to enhance social interaction with family and friends. However, Ramadan month is determined upon the sighting of the moon by the Crescent Committee of Canada.

Why do you need Canada Calendar for Ramadan?

There is no doubt that fasting is observed during the month of Ramadan by all Muslims present worldwide. The blessed month of Holy Ramadan teaches the actual meaning of tolerance and perseverance.

Just to follow the accurate timings to start and begin the fast, it is paramount to go through the comprehensive calendar of Ramadan which shows clear timings of suhoor and iftar.

The Canadian calendar for Ramadan keeps you updated about Roza timings mentioned along with Sunrise, Sunset, and Namaz timings so that our fellow brothers can easily follow the timetable even if they are in Canada.

Fast during work routine

Fasting is a compulsory obligation for all Muslim men and women except in special cases. Except for Muslim organizations and institutions, Muslims need to follow normal work routines along with fasting. They need to maintain a balance between work and religion by abstaining from food or a regular diet.

It is obvious that any individual will feel hungry, thirsty, and exhausted within the 17 hours of fast but it teaches tolerance, and patience and strengthens the faith of Muslims the cultural norms can be relished with a fancy meal during an Iftar time at work or at home with friends and family. It is true that Muslims in Canada are blessed to enjoy Ramadan and can share their traditions as well as faith with their loved ones.

Is Ramadan month declared a public holiday?

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. During the Holy month, all Muslims fast from dawn to dusk while continuing their daily activities. The blessed month is not declared as a public holiday anywhere in the world.

All businesses, educational institutions, and various Islamic organizations do amend their opening and closing hours while others keep up their routine working hours. However, even with their daily activities and work routine people abstain from eating or drinking until dusk just to seek Allah`s forgiveness and blessings. Our Canada Ramadan Timetable for 2023 is 100% accurate.


To facilitate the Muslim community from all over the world during the month of Ramadan, we encourage our brothers must gain blessings by following the accurate timings through the Canadian Calendar. The diversity and range in Canada, as well as the mutual culture, make Ramadan very special for Canadians.

It is the religious obligation of Muslims to indulge themselves in Allah`s prayers along with fasting to seek blessings and forgiveness. The paramount pillar of religion Islam encourages every Muslim to follow religious duties with great zeal. So, Happy Ramadan Canada, and remember us in your prayers.

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