How To Earn Money Online By Playing Games?

If you are a passionate gamer and eager to know how to earn money online by playing games, then you are in the right place. In this modern tech era, making money online through games is not a dream; you can do this. Due to the latest developments of the internet, there are more opportunities to earn money from gaming than ever before. There is a realistic approach to filling your vault with money by playing games, even if you are a beginner player.

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Do online games pay?

Earning money through online games is possible, not a fantasy. This is not limited to just five streamers getting money from sponsors or first-stakes tournaments that require entry fees to get a chance at significant prizes. Regular gamers like you and me don’t need to live-stream to earn money. They can directly play games on their smartphones and still make an income.

online earning from games with prof

In the past, it was challenging to earn money while sitting in your comfort zone, but modern technological advancements have made it possible. Imagine a world where your passion for playing games turns into your profession; of course, it sounds good. In this growing digital landscape, you can convert your favorite game-playing time into real income. 

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Why can you get paid to play games online, and how does it work?

When you start earning through online games sitting in your comfort, you may wonder why these online platforms pay you just by playing games. Of course, these platforms generate income for the promotion of certain games. Games-making companies assist these platforms in the advertisement of their games. These platforms attract potential gamers, so in return, they pay you for playing games on them. 

After becoming a member, you can access many offers and opportunities from these gaming platforms. Some game offers require specific requirements to get them, such as they ask you to install the tournaments, while others give you rewards directly by playing games in your web browser. Other games need a specific playing duration or reach a certain level to earn money. All of these are the requirements you may come across to make money by playing games.

Make money from games online

How Much Can You Make with Online Games? 

Potential earnings through playing games vary according to the types of games as well as your gaming experience. For example, professional players earn millions of dollars annually through game playing, sponsorship, live-streaming, and winning tournaments. Such top players can earn up to $15,000 per hour. Keep in mind that to reach this level, you have to develop an exceptional level of skills, determination, and practice.

On the other hand, nonprofessional gamers can make up to a few thousand dollars annually. Some reward apps, such as Swagbucks MyPoints, pay you some money for signing up for online video games. They also pay $0.50 for installing a new game and up to $120 for attaining a specific level in that game.

The Best Games to Play to Earn Money

According to the latest research, there are almost 3.09 billion active online gamers in the world, and this figure will rise to up to 3.32 billion gamers by 2024. Now, gaming has been developed more than an entertainment source or just a hobby. In this blog post, we will comprehensively discuss how to make money online by playing games and how much you get paid. You will also learn about the games that pay you and much more.

There are a lot of games from which you can earn money. These games include various games, from competitive eSports like League of Legends to skill-based games such as Candy Crush Saga. Online poker also offers opportunities for expert players to earn money. 

The Best Games to Play to Earn Money

Including these, there are several games that help you make money online, such as;

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Earn Money by Playing Games

Earning money through online games is an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s more challenging than it seems. To get cash from these games, you have to follow specific steps, as we are going to discuss. 

Step1: Signup for a PayPal Account

First, you will need a PayPal account before embarking on the incredible journey of making money by playing games. Most people use PayPal to receive money from different gaming websites or apps because it is the preferred method. It is necessary to ensure this step to get your hard-earned reward quickly.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Earn Money by Playing Games:Step1: Signup for a PayPal Account

Step 2: Identify the Right Platform

After making your PayPal account, you should search for a website or app that offers online money opportunities through gaming. There are many platforms that give you specific tasks to earn money online by playing games. These tasks range from playing games to providing answers to specific questions. You must be careful while choosing a platform according to your interests.

Step 3: Handle the Assigned Tasks

Once you have selected a platform, you have to tackle the task they delivered you. These tasks may be to play games for a particular duration, answer specific questions, and achieve certain goals within a game. It is mandatory to effectively complete your tasks to get a reward based on your performance. 

Step 4: Receive points or virtual currency

After successfully completing your task, you will collect a certain amount of points or receive virtual currency. These digital assets have intrinsic value within a gaming platform or app. You can use these assets to unlock premium features of your game, purchase other games, or even exchange them with real cash. 

Step 5: Withdraw Your Earnings

In the last step, you can withdraw all of your earnings through your PayPal account easily. It is an efficient and secure method of getting money and cannot be scammed. Some platforms provide direct cash-out services, and you can get your money within a few days, according to their policies.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Earn Money by Playing Games;Step 5: Withdraw Your Earnings

Different ways to earn money through 

Making money through online games is not too easy or not too difficult. Some games require you to be a professional gamer to win prizes, and others only need your passion to play games. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, you can earn money by following methods.


If you are a professional gamer, it is a profitable venture to make money through live streaming your gameplay using platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. People enjoy it for specific reasons, such as they want to learn advanced gaming skills and to connect with the gaming community. 

Different ways to earn money through :Livestream

To make money through live streaming requires you to be an expert in gaming. If you are hilarious at telling stories while playing, you can also generate a handsome income. There are many ways to make money from live streaming, such as;

  • People give donations to express their appreciation for good gaming content.
  • Some of the viewers get paid subscriptions to sign up.
  • Many game enthusiasts buy tickets for special livestream events.
  • Livestreamers with many followers get paid by certain gaming brands or marketing programs for their advertisements.
  • They can also make money through selling their merchandise. 

Create a game guide channel on YouTube

You can also earn money by creating a game guide channel on YouTube where you teach different gaming tricks to your viewers. They enjoy watching the game that suits their interest and want to know how to play it. You can also tell the many advanced tips and provide them with the latest gaming news. Beginners can seek guidance from tutorial videos.

Different ways to earn money through ;Create a game guide channel on YouTube

With the passage of time, you can monetize your channel through subscriptions from viewers, brand advertisements, and gaming sponsorships. To successfully make money this way, you need a camera, video editing software, a microphone, and other helping equipment. 

Create a Gaming Guide Website

You can also sell your written guidelines by making a website on gaming. These guidelines include tutorials, tips, and industry insights. You can monetize your website through affiliate marketing and advertising of different games. Use graphics, images, and videos to make your written content attractive and easily understood. On your website, you can get traffic by publishing unique gaming content, such as

  • Basics of any game and tell how to play it.
  • Games tutorials and advanced gaming features 
  • Options for gaming expansion 
Different ways to earn money through :Create a Gaming Guide Website

When your website does rank in Google, you can run ads on it and earn money through AdSense. You can also keep your content in ebook format for download. Provide your readers with some free content and urge them to buy its premium version in ebook form. Applying all these methods to your website, you can make money.

Game Coaching 

Game coaching is another way to earn money as you offer your coaching services to gamers to improve their skills and strategies. It is a common psychology of every player that he wants to enhance his capabilities, whether a beginner or an expert. You can observe them while playing high, light their weak areas, and guide them effectively. In return, they will pay you.

Different ways to earn money through :Game Coaching 

You can charge a few to several thousand dollars monthly according to your expertise and updated gaming knowledge. The higher your skills, the higher you will demand from them. Along with all these, you can also conduct coaching workshops or seminars and get paid. You can offer coaching services using your YouTube channel, website, blog, or Fiverr

Gaming Podcast

If you are fond of discussing gaming, then the gaming podcast is also an effective way to earn money. It requires a specific type of content related to content writing, such as commentary on gameplay, reviews about new games, news about the gaming industry, question-answer sessions with viewers, and interviews with gaming industry representatives. 

Different ways to earn money through :Gaming Podcast

From podcasting, there are several ways to monetize to generate income, such as crowdfunding, brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing promotion, and hosting exclusive events. You can give your services on Fiverr and other online professional platforms. To become a good podcaster, you must be confident about updating your gaming knowledge and skills. 


Playtesters are the persons who provide game-making companies with feedback on how enjoyable a game is to play and weak areas of the game. Knowing these things, game developers can improve these games by removing glitches from them. 

Different ways to earn money through :Playtest 

When a playtester plays specific games according to the developers’ instructions, they observe him and gather important information such as;

  • Do the gamers understand game instructions or not
  • What are the points where players get stuck
  • Specific instructions are easy to understand by players
  • What are particular things players like the most
  • Which features of the game are the most appealing and beneficial for users
  • Certain aspects of players want to be improved.


In today’s digital age, making money while playing video games is no longer just a pipe dream. This article comprehensively discussed how to earn money online by playing games. Thanks to the quick development of technology and the widespread availability of high-speed internet. Gamers now have more opportunities than ever to turn their hobby into a profitable source of income.

There are currently 9.9 billion active online gamers worldwide; by 2024, that figure is expected to rise to 3.32 billion. Gaming has evolved from a simple entertainment or pastime to an authentic source of income. The most common question gamers ask is, “Do online games really pay?” and the answer is “Yes.”

The potential incomes from online games vary greatly; skilled players can make millions of dollars a year from sponsorship deals, live streaming, and tournament victories. However, less experienced players can still earn a significant income thanks to reward systems that compensate users for playing online games and finishing various in-game tasks.

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