Kuwait Ramadan Timings / Calendar

If you live in Kuwait and want to know about Prayer timing, Fasting timing (Sheri – Iftar) in Kuwait Ramadan Calendar, we have made an easy-to-understand timetable for you guys. The Timetable is the same on Al Aḩmadī, Ḩawallī, As Sālimīyah, Şabāḩ as Sālim, Al Farwānīyah, Al Faḩāḩīl, and Kuwait City.

Ramadan is an important month for Muslims in Kuwait, and the exact dates for Ramadan in 2023 will be determined by the sighting of the moon. However, based on astronomical calculations, it is expected that Ramadan will start on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, and end on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Here is a general Ramadan timetable for Kuwait based on those expected dates:

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Kuwait Ramadan Timetable with Fasting timings (Sehr O Iftar) 2023

123 March 202304:2918:02
224 March 202304:2718:02
325 March 202304:2618:03
426 March 202304:2518:04
527 March 202304:2318:04
628 March 202304:2218:05
729 March 202304:2118:05
830 March 202304:2018:06
931 March 202304:1818:06
1001 April 202304:1718:07
1102 April 202304:1618:08
1203 April 202304:1418:08
1304 April 202304:1318:09
1405 April 202304:1218:09
1506 April 202304:1018:10
1607 April 202304:0918:11
1708 April 202304:0818:11
1809 April 202304:0718:12
1910 April 202304:0518:12
2011 April 202304:0418:13
2112 April 202304:0318:14
2213 April 202304:0118:14
2314 April 202304:0018:15
2415 April 202303:5918:15
2516 April 202303:5818:16
2617 April 202303:5618:16
2718 April 202303:5518:17
2819 April 202303:5418:18
2920 April 202303:5318:18
3021 April 202303:5118:19

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Ramadan 2023 in Kuwait

Ramadan is considered the holy month for Muslims all over the world. This is the month of blessings, peace, kindness, and greatness for the entire humanity. Muslims practice fasting from sunrise to sunset, fasting in Ramadan is also known as ‘Soum’ or ‘Siyam’ or ‘Roza’. The month of Ramadan is especially celebrated throughout Muslim regions in a different traditional manner.

Similarly, the Muslims of Kuwait celebrate this blissful and blessed holy month in a purely Islamic traditional way. Muslims in Kuwait follow distinctive traditions and rituals which were highly practiced by their forefathers.

They have a tradition of greeting Ramadan with beautiful traditional customs, delightful food, and certain colorful rituals.

Special Preparation of Ramadan in Kuwait

Muslim communities all around the world get united in terms of religious practice and faith but still, traditions and rituals during Ramadan vary from country to country.  Kuwait is the land of ancient Islamic traditions, therefore, every Ramadan celebration here is worth watching and soul-soothing.

In Kuwait the tradition of ‘Gerga’aan’ is overwhelming; it starts with a three-day celebration in which children reach out to their neighbor’s door and sing while exchanging chocolates and dessert (sweet). They think it is the act of spreading love by singing traditional songs and exchanging sweet treats.

Special food items during Ramadan are something that no one can resist, isn’t it friends? Kuwait is also among the states which have their Ramadan special food items. These special food items are mostly based on sweet items and baked meat items.

Kuwait welcomes Ramadan with the cherished array of lights known as lanterns or Fanoos. Lightening all around the cities, streets, and mosques melts the heart with the love of Allah Almighty. Al-kareesh is the most famous ritual in Kuwait which take place on the very last day before Ramadan. Special cannons are fired at the time of sunset so that Muslims can break their fast. This is also called Al-Waaridah, and this has been the favorite ritual for kids there.

When is Ramadan started in Kuwait?

Ramadan in Kuwait for 2023 is expected to start on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023. The exact dates for Ramadan are determined by the sighting of the moon and may vary by one day from country to country due to differences in moon sightings.

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