Ramadan Lanterns – (crafts, templates celebrate holy symbolic)

Why Ramadan Lanterns are supposed to be a symbol of Ramadan?  Did you ever wonder why all Ramadan images highlight and feature beautiful and colourful lanterns (Fanous)? Do lanterns hold any symbolic meaning? With the beginning festivities of Ramadan Kareem, the entire Muslim community lightens up but lanterns are mainly used Arab countries. People will observe lantern decorations in hotels, offices, malls or even in many restaurants. Lanterns in various shapes and numerous sizes illuminate Egypt streets to create a magical and beautiful atmosphere. So get to know why Lanterns have become a worldwide symbol for Ramadan?

Right after we see the Ramadan moon, it’s glory and brightness, we instantly light up from the inside, too. Thinking about the many blessings and light this month brings among us. Although in today’s world, we have electricity and various types of lights and whatnot, lanterns, lamps and Ramadan Fanoos bring a special kind of joy in our hearts. It’s just a symbol of old-era beauty which has now become popular in big gatherings such as iftar parties, suhoor times as well as Ramadan tents, gatherings and city streets.

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Ramadan Fanous

What Lanterns signifies for Ramadan?

The lantern is known as FAMOUS in Urdu or Arabic language. The colorful lanterns grab the immediate attention of almost everyone. According to Cultural experts and analysts, lanterns are associated with Egyptian history. In 358 AH, during the Fatimid dynasty, it is stated that children and people while holding lanterns greets Caliphate Al-Mu`izz li-Din Allah who arrived on the first day of Ramadan. The whole community welcomed him with lanterns that lit the way. Meanwhile, Muslims added Fanous as a traditional or cultural symbol especially welcoming blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Lantern craft

A little craft during Ramadan with kids provides a good opportunity for a family to stay connected. Enjoying the spirit of the holy month with decorative items is perfect for kid’s development. The craft will surely develop their interest and enables creative thinking in kids, so for everlasting memories help to create lanterns with children.

Ramadan Lantern template

For creative and delightful Ramadan decoration, Ramadan Lantern templates are easy to print and fill with colors. You can use different materials to make the template more attractive and reflecting. Ramadan Lantern printables assist many individuals to decorate their offices or homes at the beginning of the Holy month.


Lighting up lanterns for decorations

Ramadan lanterns are essential accessory during the Holy month. Ramadan is a month of self-purification and promotes spiritual elevation, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. The term lantern indicates light and light gives hope to every hopeless person. It enables an individual to have faith and stay strong because light elevates from the darkness. Similarly, Ramadan enables Muslims to purify their souls by abstaining from foul language, illegal acts or misbehavior. It enlightens human with patience and designs the character with Islamic symbols of generosity, forgiveness, and spirituality.

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Ramadan Lantern coloring pages

Want to develop the great hand-eye coordination of your kids? Or do you want to decorate your room? Then try downloading or printing amazing Ramadan Lantern coloring pages and the Ramadan Lantern vector images that are available for free and surely provides a great source of craft and art. Filling coloring pages and vector images with fun-filled colors provides a convenient way of self-expression activity.

Eid Mubarak Paper Lanterns

This Product, on Amazon, has a rating of 4.7 stars rating out of 5. These lanterns are made of paper that are re-usable. Furthermore, they come in a set of 5 colors per pack. However, they are not meant to be used with candles or be sued with light fixtures. This product comes with its own wire expander that also has an internal hook, allowing the lantern to be hanged on their own with a string or a ribbon, and also allowing different colored lanterns to be tied together. The dimensions of the product are 21.5 x 22cm and the Product Weight is 200 grams.

Dimmable with Remote Control, Waterproof Lights

This product, on Amazon, has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. They are warm white-yellow mini LED lights. These lights are safe and convenient, as the low profile adapter is easily hidden and is also guaranteed with UL Certification. The lights are environmentally friendly as well, the insulated copper wire allows the lights to remain at a low temperature, hence it won’t heat after using it for a long time. The product is also weather-proof. Furthermore, you can mold the copper lights into any shape. The product has a 5 feet adapter cord and 33 feet of lighting wire with 100 individual LEDs. These lights also have the feature of an updated Remote Controller with short-circuit protection.


JaLL Gazebo Net LED

These lights are specifically designed for festivals and parties and are perfect for a season like Ramadan, creating a nice ambiance environment. Not only are these lights perfect for Ramadan, but they also have the perfect feature of being a multifunctional decoration. Moreover, the product has a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5. These lights have 8 different modes, allowing the brightness of the lights to be changed; Waves, Sequential, Slow-glow, Chasing or Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle or Flash, Steady On. These lights are very safe to use and install, having features, such as; low voltage, and un-plug proof connectors. These lights have high brightness and are energy efficient at the same time. They are also cost-efficient and can be used over a long period of time. All these features add on to make the product environmentally friendly. These lights are not completely waterproof, especially the power and controller, so it is recommended that the lights be kept away from heavy rain and damp weather

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The wire material of the product is PVC and pure copper. The cable color is Transparent. And the light color is warm white. The size specifications of the product are; 3 Meter X 2 Meter (9.8ft Long and 6.6ft Drop). The input voltage of the product is 240V and the output voltage is 31V. The product comes with a tail plug; this product’s net fairy lights can connect up to 6 pieces of net light. The certification for this product is CE & ROHS UK plug.

Gold Mini Holographic Lanterns

This product, on Amazon, has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and also has fairly good reviews. The LED light creates a warm environment. The color temperature is 2200K. The product can be used in different events too, like birthday parties and dinner parties, etc. The product includes 6 Miniature Lanterns with 1 Warm White LED inside each. The dimensions are; 2.75″D x 4.5″H (5.75 x 11.43 cm). The product also has functions like; on/off switch at the bottom of each lantern. There are also batteries included with the product; there is 1 CR2032MAX battery per lantern. All lanterns gave a small rind attached at the top so that the lantern can be installed easily. Furthermore, the lantern is made of glass.


Led Light for Home Decoration for Ramadan

This product, on Amazon, has a rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. Furthermore, it has good reviews. The LED quantity is 138 pieces (includes 6 pieces of stars and 6 pieces of Moon)The product has 8 different flash modes; wave flash, sequential, twinkle/flash, slow flash, chasing/flash, slogs, Fantasy dream flash, steady on. The Curtain String Light Power is 6W. The length of wire is 102inch (2.6m) and the Power line length is 98inch (2.5m). the product has high brightness and better lighting effects. The product is portable and easy to use and set up. It has a standard US voltage of 110. The product does not operate on batteries. The product has low consumption and long life. Furthermore, it has a cool light source and does not generate a lot of heat. The bulb is IP44 Waterproof, but the power and controller are non-waterproof, hence it is recommended that the product is used indoors and not outdoors. The Light Color is Warm white / White / Blue / Multicolor.


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Goodia Globe Fairy String Lights

This product, on Amazon, has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. Furthermore, it has good reviews. The colour is silver. Furthermore, it is Moroccan style and has modes like; twinkle and steady. The quantity of the LED is 30 and the string length is 3.2 meters. Furthermore, the diameter of the ball is 0.98 inches. The light color is warm white. The LED spacing distance is 10 cm. The battery box and the product itself is not waterproof, hence, it is recommended that the product is used indoors and not outdoors. There are 15 balls in each string, making a total of 30 balls. These lights operate on batteries; 3 AA batteries are required, and they are not included with the product. Some more specifications are; — 10.49 feet / 3.2M silver balls (2.5 cm diameter) string lights.

Ramadan is an important event for Muslims, signifying the reveal of the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet. During Ramadan, Muslims give it their all and celebrate and cherish every moment. It is a time for self-reflection, where you devote everything to Allah. An important part of the celebration is decorations, that help Muslims get in the spirit of this Holy Month.

There are many decorations available on Amazon that have high ratings and very good reviews by customers.

To make this month glow, even more, to bring people, especially kids, joy in their lives and the excitement for this month, Ramadaan Fanoos play a very important role.

Ramadan Fanoos cannot only be bought in stores and online but there are various ways you can make these at the ease and comfort of your home. They can be made either from paper, cardboards and thick materials. These lanterns and Fanoos DIY’s can be found on youtube.

These Fanoos have a special scent to them, or you can add this special scent yourself and the amazing patterns and designs on them, esp the moon and the stars, depict the cultural value of Islam and the new beginning of the month and even a new moon; new person.

The tradition basically emerged from Egypt. When a Caliph came to Egypt in 358 Hijrah, the military commander told the people to light up his path since it was dark. Everyone lit up lanterns and coincidentally, it was the first day of Ramadan. Ever since then, people have been engaged with this tradition till today


During the Ramadan month, despite hot weather and long fast, if you and your little ones are feeling 100% energy, try to evoke the spirit of the season with Ramadan Lantern craft, or brighten up your home with Ramadan lantern template décor. These easy and fun to make lanterns will surely make your day.

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