Best Zakat Charity

Best Zakat Charity

Charity, Zakat, and donations are the most remarkable concepts in the Muslim community that are made comprehensive for the betterment and improvisation of the lower sector. By properly dividing wealth or money among all the sections of society, authorities build up a community balance. To seek this balance, here is a long list of the … Read more

Donate Islamic Relief 2023 – Donation in Islam

Islamic Relief is a global charity that provides life-saving assistance to millions of people around the world. Throughout Ramadan 2023, Islamic Relief will continue our life-saving work across the globe, ensuring that your contributions reach those in most need. We are on the front lines in over 30 countries, as we have been in the … Read more

Can You Listen To Music During Ramadan?

Can You Listen To Music During Ramadan?

Muslims around the world abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan. Can You Listen To Music During Ramadan? Is listening to music permissible during this holy month? The answer is not as clear-cut as you might think. There are a number of opinions on the matter, with some … Read more

Can You Drink Water During Ramadan?

Can You Drink Water During Ramadan

Can You Drink Water During Ramadan? Most of my non-muslim ask this question. The answer is YES AND NO. NO, You can’t drink water during Ramadan fasting hours, but you can drink it between iftar and suhoor. You should also drink plenty of fluids during the day, such as juices and soups. Stay hydrated by … Read more

Can You Get Married During Ramadan?

Can You Get Married During Ramadan? the guide you will need

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar and is full of blessings, and getting married is a blessing itself. How about combining such blessings together? Can You Get Married During Ramadan? There’s no limitation for individuals to get married in Ramadan.  However, wise individuals and scholars suggest not to get married during this holy … Read more

Can you Chew Gum during Ramadan?

Can you Chew Gum during Ramadan???

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims all over the world. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset as an act of worship and spiritual discipline. Many people have questions about what is and isn’t allowed during Ramadan. Can you chew gum during Ramadan? The simple answer to this is BIG No. Read: Ramadan Fasting Rules … Read more

*List* Ramadan Rules for Fasting, Kissing, Relationship, Period

Ramadan Rules and Regulations 2019 for fasting everything

Do you know about Ramadan rules, regulations, and routines? and rules for unmarried couples. If you don’t know, you should not be worried as we are going to guide you about Ramzan’s rules for fasting, kissing, behaving, relationships, and other important aspects. Dubai has different rules for visitors and tourists, unlike other countries. So follow … Read more

*9* Benefits of Ramadan Fasting on Health (physically, spiritually, mentally)

What are the benefits of Ramadan

There are many benefits to Ramadan fasting on health. Do you have a fear that fasting in Ramadan might have a harmful effect on your health? Find out the surprising Benefits of Ramadan according to science for the human body that you will enjoy Ramadan and their long-term positive impacts even after Ramadan. There are … Read more