Fun Ramadan Games – Ramzan Activities for Adults & Kids

The month of Ramadan comes with all of its blessings and everyone gets wrapped in the celestial Holy spirit of doing as many good deeds as they can to get the countless blessings of Almighty. Well, let us be honest and admit that no one, regardless of how much of a good Muslim they are, can keep praying all day long.

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Let us be realistic, Ramadan is kind of a tiring month in some ways and in order to keep our brains working properly and fresh, we need some sort of Ramadan Games or fun activities. These simple games must be of such a nature so as to ensure you aren’t indulged in evil or forbidden activities but must keep you busy as well as relaxed.

Fun Ramadan Games Activities

Here below, we have compiled some of the best and easiest Ramzan Games and activities to keep you fresh without wasting too much time.

So, let us get started.

Ludo Game

Ludo is not a bad or evil game at all. On a free Ramadan afternoon, when you have much time free between the Zuhar and Asar prayers and you are unable to think of anything good to play, gathering your family or friends for just one to two rounds of this game can freshen you up without interrupting your prayer’s routine or damaging the sole purpose of your fasting. However, keep in mind that since you are fasting cheating and lying won’t is not permissible even when you are just doing it for the sake of fun.

Ramadan Quiz

How about gather your friends and family and improve your knowledge about Islam and fasting in a fun way? Ramadan can be a great time to play a simple Ramadan quiz. There are a lot of Ramadan Game shows on TV where there is a specific quiz segment. Moreover, you can easily find so many online quizzes about Ramadan and Islam both. One of the best games to play during Ramadan is to ask and answer these questions with your friends and family. Just note down the questions along with their correct answers and ask those among each other. The winning team can be rewarded with a free iftar by the one who misses. (You can read Ramadan Questions Answer here)

Word Searches

There are a lot of Ramadan and Islam related word searches games available online. You can play these on your phone or computers in your free time when you’ve no one else to play with. These games not only improve your mind’s working but are also full of informative stuff.

Ramadan Puzzles

Out of all the Ramadan Games, this one can be the easiest to play. All you have to do it to search for some Islamic and Ramadan puzzles on the web. There is a huge relevant database that you can easily access and play games of your choice. You can also play these with A.I or with a friend with a timer set.

How About Memorizing the Surahs

Ramadan is the best month to memorize the surahs and supplications since you can keep on revising them over and over again after every Namaz and at iftar and Sahoors. This can be turned in to a productive competition where you can memorize various Surahs and Ayaahs. Just decide the amount of time which you and your friends will require to memorize a surah and then recite the surahs beautifully in front of each other. While there might be no winner or loser in this game, it can be a great way to utilize your free time memorizing something worthy and become closer to your Lord.


Calligraphy is a greatly appreciated art all around the world. Ramadan is a month when you can find so many Islamic calligraphy competitions and classes going around with full zest and therefore, there is no better time than Ramadan to bring your inner calligraphist out. You can join any of the classes to learn this art or can participate in any of the Ramadan calligraphy contests to enjoy your time in a productive way.

Deliver A Talk

This can be another great idea to spend your month while learning more about religion and having fun at the same time. You can arrange, provided that you have enough resources, a speech or talks delivering competition with a judge to adjudicate your talks. The topic of your talk can either be religious or ethical, but must be in the concoction to the spirit of this Holy month. You and your friends can prepare five to six-minute speeches on the topic and deliver in front of an audience. This will boost your self-confidence and will teach you public speaking skills too.

Card Making Competitions

Regardless of the time and era, the love you can express to your friend and family through handmade cards has no match. Since Ramadan is the perfect time to prepare for Eid, entering a card making contest can be a good activity. This way, you will not only be able to spend your time in a good way but can also prepare the gift to present to your loved ones on Eid. Just gather the stuff and ask your friend to make a card along with you. The one who makes the best Eid card can later be rewarded by the rest.

Cooking Competitions

The holy month of Ramadan is the best time to try some new foods and make yourself a cooking expert. A family can hold the cooking competition inside their house with one or two members preparing Iftar for everyone. This is not only fun but also eases the lives for the lady of the house who has to, otherwise, do everything by herself.

Other than these given above, you can also play and plan a wide range of creative and fun Ramadan Games or activities in order to make the most out of this month along with practising true Islam as well.

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