Ramadan for Kids – Short presentation explained simply

Ramadan for Kids: Explaining Ramadan to a child is not very simple. Ramadan is of great significance for all Muslims throughout the world. It inspires not only the young and adults but kids as well. For kids, Ramadan is a special month with a lot of things to do, consider and practice. Here we are going to talk about different activities, practices, and things for kids during Ramadan.

Ramadan Activities for Kids

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You can also watch some short presentations on Ramadan which are explained simply to tell your kid.

Kids Fasting in Ramadan

When it comes to Ramadan, there is a clear instruction for the young and adult people that they must fast for the whole month. Coming to kids, they can also fast. The Islamic scholars have asserted and confirmed there are no strict obligations for kids to a certain age. They can fast if they are willing. The same rules of fasting for adults also apply to kids.

Fasting of Kids in Ramadan 2022
30 days of Ramadan for Kids

Kids of 12 are bound to fast for the whole month and follow the same practices. They are also instructed to practice the same things, avoid negative practices and follow the rules as per Islamic teachings.

Parents should encourage kids less than ten years of age to practice fasting as they will become habitual to fasting when they reach 12. Praying five times a day, reciting Holy Quran, preaching with elders as well as attending special sessions will make kids more inclined toward religion and Islamic practices.

Celebrating Ramadan for Kids

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There is no doubt that Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims. For all age groups, the month brings a lot of joy as well as happiness. The adults fast for the whole month whereas kids can also be engaged in some activities to encourage practice in good faith.

You might be wondering what those things can be that will engage kids in Ramadan and develop more passion in them for this month. They should be prepared as they grow in order to help them understand the importance of this month.

Teaching Kids About Islam

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One way to celebrate Ramadan with kids is to teach them about Islam, the Quran, Islamic practices, the importance of Ramadan and other relevant things.

Parents, as well as elder singling, should play this role when it comes to training kids.

They should be educated with literature books, stories, and how Prophet Muhamad PBUH practiced during Ramadan month.

Greeting Practices for Kids

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Greeting ramadan activities for kids

The other way to spend Ramadan with kids and children should be to tell them how to greet in Ramadan. They should follow the pure practices that elders do.

They should behave like trained and civilized kids. When parents and other people arrange fast parties for other fella Muslims, this should be a lesson for the kids.

They can learn how Islam and particularly Ramadan teaches us to sacrifice, be patient and take care of humans.

Educating Kids to Not Eat Publicly in Ramadan

One of the most important things to teach kids for Ramadan is to avoid eating in public.

As all Muslims fast during this month, it is advised that others, not fasting, should not eat in front of people who fast.

This should be a lesson for the children on how they can practice the true teaching of Ramadan. This will also make them learn good manners.

Kids Helping in Food Preparation

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Ramadan for Kids

Parents should make the kids take part in meal preparing tasks.

During the month of Ramadan making food and taking care of things becomes harder while you fast, kids can be of great help.

They will deal with a lot of things, do many household chores and assist their parents and sisters in making food in Ramadan.

Kids Distributing Food Among the Poor

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When people make food for others, kids can be engaged in food distribution.

This will instill a great passion in them. Such things truly inspire the young kids when they see parents and other family members helping out the needy and the poor.

This is what Islam is all about- helping out the needy and reaching them for help.

Encouraging Kids for Islamic Books

Ramadan can be in summer as well as winter. Parents should bring books for their kids in Ramadan to inspire them further.

The early history of Islam, how the great companions of Prophet Muhammad PBHU were sacrificed, and what they did to preserve Islam will be of great help for kids.

Such inspiration and quality content make kids grow as honest and responsible Muslims.

Teaching Kids Ramadan Rules

Lastly, the parents should practice as well as teach their kids the Ramadan rules. What kids should do, what they should not, how to fast, how to recite the Quran, how to stay away from negative things, and another important teaching for Ramadan will be of great help.

When kids will grow up, they will know the teaching for Ramadan. The sad thing is most young Muslims have no idea about Islam’s teaching for Ramadan. So there is a dire need to engage kids in such important discussions.

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