Ramadan Preparations and Inspirations [Checklist]

Ramadan is at hand now! Have you done your Ramadan Preparations for 2022? If you are not getting any ideas to prepare for Ramadan, we are here to serve you! This is the most awaited and most precious month of the Islamic calendar which brings Allah’s blessings and mercy to Muslims. That’s the reason everyone tries to increase their share of blessings, and mercy and to attain forgiveness by preparing in Advance for Ramadan Kareem.

The companions of the Prophet (SAW) were habitual to prepare for Ramadan before 6 months of its arrival to make the most out of the months. So, each Muslim should do preparations as we know that fasting covers a lot more than just abstaining from food. We have to avoid indecent talks, control our lustful desires and turn ourselves towards God by offering our prayers regularly, reciting the Quran, and by being patient with Allah’s creatures. This is the way we can change our lives in Ramadan and after Ramadan.

Short List of Ramadan Preparation

Things to do before Ramadan:

1. Stock up on food and drinks that are permissible during Ramadan.

2. Plan out your daily routine and make sure you are able to stick to it during Ramadan.

3. Make arrangements for iftar (the evening meal when Muslims break their fast) with family and friends.

4. Set aside time for prayer and reflection.

5. Get in the habit of waking up early to pray Fajr (the first prayer of the day).

Things to do during Ramadan:

1. Fast from sunrise to sunset.

2. Read the Quran and reflect on its meanings.

3. Pray five times a day.

4. Spend time with family and friends.

5. Give charity to those in need.

6. Avoid anything that would break your fast, such as smoking and drinking.

Ramadan Preparations list

Things to do after Ramadan:

1. Make a plan for how you will continue to improve yourself spiritually after Ramadan.

2. Thank Allah for allowing you to observe Ramadan and ask for His guidance in the future.

3. Reconnect with family and friends and share your Ramadan experiences with them.

4. Continue to give charity to those in need.

5. Make a plan for how you will continue to fast during Ramadan next year.

Ramadan Preparations Checklist

Let’s jump to some amazing tips for Ramadan Preparations that will help you amazingly to fully benefit from Ramadan Blessings.


Make good Intentions for Ramadan 

Ramadan Good Deeds Discussion Cards | Kindergarten Resources

Our actions depend upon the intentions that we made for them. So, the first thing to do in preparation of the blessed month is to have good and right intentions. Make the intention of making out most of Ramadan and this intention will leads you to gain the maximum from Ramadan to enjoy its blessings.

On the other hand, if you don’t make any type of intention to spend the holy month then you are going to avail nothing and people find excuses even in situations of ease. If you are going to be like the people who don’t make good intentions and just want to go through the month without any plans then Ramadan might be fruitless for you.

Read Ramadan Rules for fasting and activity

Offer Prayers Regularly

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When Ramadan starts the number of people who come to the mosque to offer prayers with the congregation increases day by day. People mostly find it difficult to go Masjid to offer congregational prayers at the start of Ramadan because they are not habitual to offer prayers regularly.

That’s why we start going to the mosque beforehand to make sure that you could offer congregational prayers from the beginning of the month. By doing this you will be habitual to this and will not find it difficult to find and adjust the time for prayers. You can consult to professional in the mosque to correct your salaat so you can earn more Thawab by correcting your prayer.

Be habitual to Quran Recitation and Reflection upon its Verses

The Benefits of Reading Quran for Kids

Quran recitation is best to earn more thawab and attain the mercy of God. Plan your time and must read Quran two times a day for at least half an hour each time. If you are intended to make the most out of Ramadan by reciting and reflecting Quran then start reciting it before Ramadan to know how much you can read in a specific time and at which time of day or night you will recite Quran.

So, when Ramadan will start you will already have a plan and estimation that when to read Quran and How much you will read in that time frame. Don’t forget to reflect upon the Quran to get closer to Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) to make yourself righteous and to attain taqwa.

Eat Healthy Food and Adopt Good Eating Habits

Healthy meal-ing in Ramadan:) | thefoodcounsellorsblog

We mostly don’t pay attention to our food and eating habits. But this thing leads us to terrible health problems. When Ramadan is just around the corner, we cannot afford any type of health issue. So, review your food habits and food items to ensure your health in Ramadan as it is a precious time and you might lose it by engaging in health problems if you don’t adopt a healthy routine.

⇒ You can learn some recipes for Ramadan from here.

People mostly overeat in Ramadan iftars which are too dangerous but as you fat your body requires enough amount of nutrition to work properly. Search for the food items and adopt a healthy diet to be healthy and work properly.

Be a Good Person by Refining your Character

Every person has good and bad aspects of his personality. So, this Ramadan must try to change the bad qualities into good ones. Be kind and generous to the people around you.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “All the children of Adam constantly err, but the best of those who constantly err are those who constantly repent.” (Tirmidhi)

Try to help needy people by giving charity and doing things that you could do for them. Believe me, if every person helps the other one this earth will become Jannah and by doing this Allah will reward us in these worlds as well as in the next world.

I hope you would like these tips to have a prosperous Ramadan by doing advance, Ramadan Preparations. Kindly let us know about your precious response.

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