Pehle, Dosray, Teesray Ashray ki Dua Ramadan (List of Duas)

Here is the Dua for 1st Ashra (Pehle Ashray ki Dua), 2nd Asrha’s Dua (Dosray Ashray ki dua) and 3rd Ashra (Teesray Ashray ki dua).

The word ‘Ashra’ is an Arabic word that defines the meaning ‘ten’ in common. As we all know the holy month of Ramadan is based on 30 days also it is divided into three Ashras with specific names, features, and qualities respectively.  Ramadan, the super most precious month for Islam followers or Muslims are supposed to be a month of additional and special prayers, worship, and Duas. Dua means Prayer to Allah and sometimes it is also called intention.

In this content, we brought very comprehensive and important information about the three Ashras of Ramadan and the three most blessed and significant Duas for Ashras. These Ashras or stages of Ramadan is divided by the Almighty and told by the beloved last Prophet.

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Pehla Ashra Ramzan

The first Ashra of Ramadan started when the crescent moon is sighted and last for ten days. The first Ashra of Ramadan denotes ‘Mercy’ and is also known as an Ashra of mercy.  In the first ten days of Ramadan Allah Almighty grant Muslims special blessings, mercy, and grace. Almighty wants its creation to ask for His grace and mercy for their entire life this is what the first Ashra’s Dua depicted.

Pehle Ashray ki Dua:

Pehle Ashray ki Dua image

Translation: O! My Allah forgive and have mercy and You are the best of Merciful.

Note: Read this dua in 1st 10 days of Ramadan, after Namaz every time.

Dosra Ashra Ramzan

The second Ashra of Ramadan consists from 11th Ramadan to 20th Ramadan, this Ashra is known as the ‘Ashra of forgiveness’. During these ten days or in the entire Ramadan Muslims are supposed to recite special Dua to seek forgiveness for all their sins from the one and only creator. Allah Almighty has another name of merciful and forgiver so Muslims are asked to call Almighty for forgiveness no matter how sinful one has been.   The noteworthy Dua for the second Ashra of Ramadan is mentioned below:

Dosray Ashray ki dua:

Dosray Ashray ki dua image

Translation: I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Lord, from every sin I committed  


Teesra Ashra Ramzan

From the 21st of Ramadan to the 29th or 30th, the third Ashra remains integral. These last ten days or third Ashra of Ramadan is a very crucial time for all Muslims, as it means ‘Nijat’ or freedom from hell. This third Ashra is all about seeking protection or freedom from hell to the Almighty.

Muslims have integral faith that this Dua or Ayat will keep them safe and protected from hellfire. Also, the last or third Ashra of Ramadan is the time when Lailatul Qadr falls also known as ‘The Night of Power’ which is considered the golden time of seeking mercy and forgiveness.

Muslims recite this particular Dua or Ayat to ask for safety or freedom from Hell.

Teesray Ashray ki dua:

Teesray Ashray ki dua image

Translation: O Allah! Save me from hell – fire.

Importance of Duas for Ashras in Ramadan

The last Prophet Muhammad defined Ramadan as the Holy Month carrying its first stage of mercy, the middle is forgiveness and the last stage is freedom from hellfire. We can better understand the significance of the three Ashras of Ramadan with the description of the Holy Prophet. Therefore He further taught Muslims the three most special and worthy Duas for these three Ashrams.

These Duas are not only carrying the highest rewards but these are the gifted opportunity to gain forgiveness, blessings, and mercy of Allah Almighty. Let’s know further about the three Ashras of Ramadan and the three most substantial Duas or Ayat for Ashras.

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