Watch Ads And Earn Money Without Investment In Pakistan

Are you in search of such platforms that will let you earn money without investment in Pakistan? Then keep reading this article as I explain several websites and apps that can help you to earn this money. Furthermore, every important information related to them is also covered.

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Due to the current economic situation of Pakistan, people want to earn extra money to have a good life. Although there are several ways to earn money, most require an investment. This stops people from earning money as they don’t have the extra money to spend.

To help you earn money without investment in Pakistan, I will tell you how you can earn simply by watching ads. This can be watching them for a few seconds or just clicking on them. The money that you earn can be in dollars and you can later convert it into Pakistani rupees.

Watch Ads And Earn Money Without Investment In Pakistan

To increase your earnings even more, you can refer to other people and the app will give you a commission based on their earnings.

Important Points To Remember For Earning Without Investment

Before you get to know about the different websites and apps that can help you earn money, you should remember the following points. If you understand them properly then they can help you to know how this process works and thus increase your earnings at a very high level.

  • Several businesses use the Paid advertising marketing strategy to showcase their products. They pay platforms to display their ads to targeted viewers. As an individual, you get paid as you watch these ads.
  • To start watching the ads, you first register by creating an account. Then you will be shown targeted ads whose duration, rewards, and frequency may vary.
  • Many scams are going online so you should be careful about what platform you choose. Also, don’t share your personal information with anyone.
  • There are referral programs on some platforms, and you can get a reward and commission if the person that you have invited has successfully joined the platform.
  • The availability of ads can fluctuate, so you should regularly check out for new ads, so you don’t miss out on any chance.
  • You should watch the ads without skipping so you can receive the rewards fully.
Important Points To Remember For Earning Without Investment

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads

Most of the apps that are present online are mostly scams and people waste a lot of time on them without earning anything. That is why the apps that I will only mention apps that are trusted and used by a lot of people.

The websites and apps require you to register first and then start watching the ad. The amount you will get by watching it may vary depending upon the app and type of ad you are watching.


One of the most used online rewards platforms is QuickRewards. It gives its users several options to make money from their homes and offices to anywhere they are comfortable. To encourage users to earn more, QuickRewards gives paid deals and daily clicks in addition to ads, surveys, movie viewing, and online purchases. The website and app are easy to explore, and you can easily navigate it thanks to its user-friendly UI.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: QUICKREWARDS

You can receive the payment in your PayPal account and there is no minimum amount that you are required to withdraw.

The website has been launched for more than two decades and has gathered a loyal user base who appreciates the quick payouts and variety of earning opportunities. Moreover, users can receive a portion of their friends’ earnings if they register using the invite link. This is due to the website’s referral program.

Download the QuickRewards Play Store app by clicking here.

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Another great website from which you can earn about 1-5 dollars every day is Swagbucks. Apart from this, you can also get gift cards which allow you to get different things. The website has already given out about 557 million US dollars to its users.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: swagbucks

After you create an account, you can do several tasks. This includes:

  • Watching ads
  • Answering surveys
  • Cashback shopping
  • Playing games

Completing these tasks will earn you Swagbucks points. You can convert these points into money or gift cards. Some of the withdrawal options that you have include PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposits, and Gift cards. The cards include discounts for top stores like Amazon, Walmart, Disney, and Nike.

Like many other platforms, Swagbucks also offers a referral program where each successful joining earns you a reward. To help you earn your first 50 and 500 dollars, Swagbucks offers a detailed guide for its users.

You can download the Swagbucks apps here.


This platform was launched in 2007 and it helps users earn money by answering simple surveys. The website pays its users in a number of ways including cash, Bitcoins, and bonus cards. You can withdraw your cash using PayPal or a Payoneer account.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: prizerebel

Like most of the other platforms, you first must create your profile and then you can start answering survey questions. This will help you to earn points which can be redeemed according to the reward that you choose. You can also increase your earnings by asking your friends to join the platform by using your link.

Visit the website by clicking here.


ySense is another such website that pays its users to watch videos, download apps, try online products, and answer questions. The money that you make depends on your demographic location and the number of tasks that you have completed. Every survey pays between 0.5 to 5 dollars.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: ysense

To withdraw your money, you can use Skrill, PayPal, and check.

If we talk about their referral program, you get some percentage of the money that your invitee earns. Lastly, you must sign up before you start earning your money through ySense.

To download their Play Store app, click here.


CashPirate is an app that helps you to earn money by watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys. You get paid in coins and about 1000 of them will earn you a dollar. CashPirate doesn’t have a website and its app is only available on the Play Store so if you have an iPhone, you cannot use this app.

If we talk about the referral system, you get 10% of the coins that your referral gets, while you will get 5% of the coins from the invitee of your referral.

The app pays you in Amazon gift cards, or your PayPal account. To withdraw money, you must have a minimum of 2.5 dollars in your account. So, although this can not be your main source of income, you can earn a substantial amount of money from this app every month.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: cashpirates

Vindale Research

This is a company based in the USA that offers money to people who are willing to take a survey. The website is authentic, and it uses the data for its research purpose. The company has given out more than 5 million dollars to its users.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 dollars, and you can get your money using PayPal.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: vindale research

Perk TV

This is one of the most used entertainment apps that not only let you earn money but also let you enjoy the content that you are watching. The content includes trailers and films related to topics like sports, food, and news etc.

After completing your tasks, you will get Perk points which can be redeemed to earn a variety of rewards. This includes cash and gift cards to popular stores like Amazon, Target, and Nike. Like many other apps, you can withdraw through PayPal.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: perk tv

Also, if you invite your friends to your platform, you can earn a good amount of bonus, which will increase your earnings very much.


This is one of numerous applications that is available both on Android and iOS systems.  You can use this platform with just your mobile. When you download and sign up for the app, the ads are displayed on your mobile. After you turn on your phone and unlock it, you see the ads on your home screen.

Best Websites & Apps For Online Earning By Watching Ads: slidejoy

You are paid in the app currency known as Carats, and the amount you get depends upon the type of ad you are watching as well as your location. Aside from watching ads, you can also do other activities to earn your earnings. For example, downloading other apps or doing surveys.

If you have the minimum balance, you can get your rewards in cash or gift cards. The app of Slidejoy has a very friendly interface which makes it interactive for users to use.


Earning money requires investment due to which most people are not able to take the risk of spending their money. That is why I have gathered some of the best platforms that you can use to earn money without investment in Pakistan.

These apps have some conditions like minimum withdrawing amount, and account which are also explained in this article.

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