Can You Get Married During Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar and is full of blessings, and getting married is a blessing itself. How about combining such blessings together? Can You Get Married During Ramadan? There’s no limitation for individuals to get married in Ramadan. 

However, wise individuals and scholars suggest not to get married during this holy month. So, if you’re a young individual and thinking about whether you can get married in this holy month or not, this guide has a lot to tell you about it.

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Can You Get Married During Ramadan?

Most scholars believe it’s allowed actually to get married in this holy month. It also comprises having a wedding. However, it’s only allowed under some conditions. Although there are some diverse situations in which you can break your fast, including menstruating, sickness, etc. But marriage isn’t actually one of them.

It denotes that getting married in this holy month isn’t actually an excuse for a Muslim couple not to fast or break their fast. If the couple is capable of fasting simultaneously until sundown, they are permitted to have a wedding as well. 

It all relies on the physical ability of the couple to fast before and/or during the wedding. To conclude, you can actually get married in Ramadan so long as you can manage to maintain your fast.

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Can You Get Married During Ramadan

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Is It Ok To Marry During Ramadan?

It’s allowed to get married during this holy month and on any day of the year. There’s no restriction at all. But, as after marriage, affections, and temptations are the highest, it’s not suggested to marry in this month of spiritual devotion and worship.

Q: Can You Be In A Relationship During Ramadan?

During this holy month, Muslims are not even permitted to do allowable things while fasting, such as having intercourse, drinking, eating, etc. Engaging in any haram relationship in this month is unquestionable compared to those. It’s a huge sin, and it gets even worse if somebody is engaged in anything like that in this holy month.

Q: What’s Not Allowed In Ramadan?

Primarily, there are six things that are not allowed during fasting, and those prohibited things are:

  • Drinking or eating, and anything else that comes in this category
  • Masturbation
  • Having intercourse
  • Blood of nifas and menses
  • Vomiting deliberately
  • Letting blood out or cupping

Q: Can I Do Foreplay In Ramadan?

Kissing your wife, embracing her, and so on is allowed even during fasting. However, if somebody is weak, meaning he can’t control the desire, he ought to stay away from foreplay.


To put it briefly, according to the Islamic jurisprudence, there is no restriction on getting married during Ramadan. The basic code is that any action is allowed unless there are declarations in the Sunnah and the Quran to propose otherwise or there’s a consensus among the spiritual leaders against it. Always keep in mind that, during Ramadan, fasting starts from dawn to dusk. Throughout this time, you have to refrain from drinking, eating, and engaging in other prohibited activities.

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