Egypt Ramadan Calendar 2024 – Timetable, Prayer, Fasting Timing

If you are Egyptian and want to see the Egypt Ramadan Calendar with a timetable of Prayers and Fasting, we have made a beautiful table. The timetable of Ramadan is similar to all cities (Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Shubra el-Khema, Port Said, Suez) of EGYPT.

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Egypt Ramadan Calendar with Prayers Timings

You can see prayers timings during Ramadan 2022/1444 in Egypt.

102, Sat05;21 /am01;08 /pm05;39 /pm07;27 /pm08;55 /pm
203, Sun05;19 /am01;08 /pm05;39 /pm07;28 /pm08;56 /pm
304, Mon05;18 /am01;07 /pm05;40 /pm07;29 /pm08;57 /pm
405, Tue05;16 /am01;07 /pm05;40 /pm07;30 /pm08;58 /pm
506, Wed05;14 /am01;07 /pm05;41 /pm07;30 /pm08;59 /pm
607, Thu05;13 /am01;06 /pm05;41 /pm07;31 /pm09;00 /pm
708, Fri05;11 /am01;06 /pm05;42 /pm07;32 /pm09;01 /pm
809, Sat05;10 /am01;06 /pm05;42 /pm07;33 /pm09;02 /pm
910, Sun05;08 /am01;06 /pm05;43 /pm07;34 /pm09;03 /pm
1011, Mon05;06 /am01;05 /pm05;43 /pm07;35 /pm09;04 /pm
1112, Tue05;05 /am01;05 /pm05;44 /pm07;35 /pm09;05 /pm
1213, Wed05;03 /am01;05 /pm05;44 /pm07;36 /pm09;06 /pm
1314, Thu05;02 /am01;05 /pm05;44 /pm07;37 /pm09;08 /pm
1415, Fri05;00 /am01;04 /pm05;45 /pm07;38 /pm09;09 /pm
1516, Sat04;58 /am01;04 /pm05;45 /pm07;39 /pm09;10 /pm
1617, Sun04;57 /am01;04 /pm05;46 /pm07;40 /pm09;11 /pm
1718, Mon04;55 /am01;04 /pm05;46 /pm07;40 /pm09;12 /pm
1819, Tue04;54 /am01;03 /pm05;47 /pm07;41 /pm09;13 /pm
1920, Wed04;52 /am01;03 /pm05;47 /pm07;42 /pm09;14 /pm
2021, Thu04;50 /am01;03 /pm05;48 /pm07;43 /pm09;15 /pm
2122, Fri04;49 /am01;03 /pm05;48 /pm07;44 /pm09;17 /pm
2223, Sat04;47 /am01;03 /pm05;49 /pm07;45 /pm09;18 /pm
2324, Sun04;46 /am01;02 /pm05;49 /pm07;45 /pm09;19 /pm
2425, Mon04;44 /am01;02 /pm05;49 /pm07;46 /pm09;20 /pm
2526, Tue04;43 /am01;02 /pm05;50 /pm07;47 /pm09;21 /pm
2627, Wed04;41 /am01;02 /pm05;50 /pm07;48 /pm09;22 /pm
2728, Thu04;40 /am01;02 /pm05;51 /pm07;49 /pm09;24 /pm
2829, Fri04;38 /am01;02 /pm05;51 /pm07;50 /pm09;25 /pm
2930, Sat04;37 /am01;02 /pm05;52 /pm07;51 /pm09;26 /pm
3001, Sun04;36 /am01;01 /pm05;52 /pm07;51 /pm09;27 /pm

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Egypt Ramadan Timetable with  Fasting Timings (Sehri – Iftar)

This year 2022 the Egyptians fasting in this manner, here are the timings of Sehr and iftar mentioned:

Al Mansurah04:10 /am06:16 /pm
Al Mahallah Al Kubra04:11 /am06:17 /pm
Tanda04:12 /am06:17 /pm
Alexandria04:16 /am06:22 /pm
Al Jizah04:13 /am06:16 /pm
Cairo04:12 /am06:16 /pm
Suez04:08 /am06:11 /pm
Asyut04:17 /am06:15 /pm
Port Said04:06 /am06:13 /pm
Luxor04:13 /am06:08 /pm

Ramadan 2022 in Egypt

Also known as Ramadhan is the holy month of the Islamic calendar placed on number 9 among twelve months. As all Muslim community knows it is the month of revelation of the Quran to the beloved, last Prophet Muhammad SAWW. In this holy month, the entire Muslim community from all around the world performs one of their five pillars of Islam which is ‘Fasting’.

This holy month of Ramadan is also blissfully celebrated in Egypt with all its Islamic traditions, soul, and enthusiasm. Here every Muslim welcomes Ramadan with pure heart and soul as well as performs fasting from dawn to dusk. Not only this but Egyptian Muslims get busy in more Quran reciting, more prayers (tarawih), worship more and give charity (Sadqa) more in this holy month.

Egypt is the land of ancient Islamic civilization, traditions, and rituals.  Therefore Ramadan preparations in this country are little extravagant but worth seeing. Let’s take a look at the special preparation of Ramadan in Egypt:

Special Preparation of Ramadan in Egypt

Lightning streets all over with “Fanous” 

Egypt is the place of ancient customs and traditions during rituals but with the passage of time, Egyptians also went modern in celebrations. You can see beautiful colourful lanterns all over the streets of the country as a welcoming gesture to the holy month. Ramadan is the super special occasion throughout the year; therefore, Egyptians celebrate it with open and warm-hearted.

They believed that on the fifth of Ramadan 969 AD a caliph visited Egypt for the first time and all residents nearby came with lantern and food to welcome the legend. This tradition is the remembrance of that day and the lanterns are commonly known as ‘Fanous’. These different colored and sizes of Fanous have become the special Ramadan symbol in Egypt.

Volunteer charity places (Sadqa)

Ramadan is the blessing by the Almighty. Fasting and worship during Ramadan cleanse the human heart and charity during Ramadan save Muslims from hellfire and evil. Charity “Sadqa” is the most loved practice by Allah, during this holy month generous people give more and more volunteer charity (Sadqa) to poor people.

According to statists during Ramadan generous Muslims pay most of the charity, Zakat, and Khairaat to poor in the entire year. This is what Allah loves the most in this way poor people can celebrate Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr in a better way. This tradition is very normal in Egypt and mostly Muslims pay charity to poorer just to gain Allah’s will.

Iftar corners

Iftar cannons are also the old custom of Egypt, at the four primitive cannons there is an announcement of free iftar all throughout the month.

Lightning houses, streets, and Mosques

From the start of Ramadan, the mosques, houses, streets and other holy places are very well decorated with light bulbs. These light bulbs enhance the beauty of mosques and other holy places as well as it makes the heart warm and full of love to Almighty. Light bulbs or lightening all over makes the city and country look incredibly beautiful.

Special food items

During Ramadan, all countries or cities have a tradition to prepare some special food items this is the same case goes with Egypt.

They have some specific Ramadan food specialties which are available all the way until the end of this holy month. They prepare some artistic and pretty innovative pastries, cookies, and cakes. Some of the known and traditional food items in Cairo are Konafah, Barbosa, Katayaf, and much more.

When is Ramadan in Egypt?

Ramadan, the precious and holy month for Muslims is getting closer day by day. In Egypt, the month of Ramadan will be InshaALLAH starting on 02 May 2022.

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