Singapore MUIS Ramadan Calendar Timetable [2023]

No need to be tense because we are here with Ramadan Muis Calendar/Timetable, Fast timings, and Prayer timings. Are you a resident of Singapore or going to spend this Ramadan in Singapore while worrying about the approaching Ramadan Calendar?

Muslims all around the world are desperately waiting for Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem requires the rescheduling of your daily routine according to its timetable. That’s why you should be more concerned about the Ramadan Calendar, fast timing, and prayer timings to fulfill your religious and working responsibilities on time and to manage everything well.

Singapore Muis Ramadan Calendar Fast Timing

124, Fri05;13 AM12;36 PM04;54 PM06;37 PM07;59 PM
225, Sat05;14 AM12;36 PM04;53 PM06;36 PM07;58 PM
326, Sun05;14 AM12;35 PM04;52 PM06;34 PM07;56 PM
427, Mon05;15 AM12;35 PM04;51 PM06;33 PM07;55 PM
528, Tue05;16 AM12;35 PM04;49 PM06;32 PM07;54 PM
629, Wed05;17 AM12;34 PM04;48 PM06;30 PM07;52 PM
730, Thu05;17 AM12;34 PM04;47 PM06;29 PM07;51 PM
831, Fri05;18 AM12;34 PM04;46 PM06;28 PM07;50 PM
901, Sat05;19 AM12;33 PM04;45 PM06;26 PM07;48 PM
1002, Sun05;19 AM12;33 PM04;44 PM06;25 PM07;47 PM
1103, Mon05;20 AM12;33 PM04;43 PM06;24 PM07;46 PM
1204, Tue05;21 AM12;33 PM04;42 PM06;22 PM07;44 PM
1305, Wed05;22 AM12;32 PM04;40 PM06;21 PM07;43 PM
1406, Thu05;22 AM12;32 PM04;39 PM06;20 PM07;42 PM
1507, Fri05;23 AM12;32 PM04;38 PM06;19 PM07;40 PM
1608, Sat05;24 AM12;31 PM04;37 PM06;17 PM07;39 PM
1709, Sun05;24 AM12;31 PM04;36 PM06;16 PM07;38 PM
1810, Mon05;25 AM12;31 PM04;35 PM06;15 PM07;37 PM
1911, Tue05;26 AM12;31 PM04;34 PM06;14 PM07;36 PM
2012, Wed05;26 AM12;30 PM04;33 PM06;12 PM07;34 PM
2113, Thu05;27 AM12;30 PM04;31 PM06;11 PM07;33 PM
2214, Fri05;28 AM12;30 PM04;30 PM06;10 PM07;32 PM
2315, Sat05;28 AM12;30 PM04;29 PM06;09 PM07;31 PM
2416, Sun05;29 AM12;29 PM04;28 PM06;08 PM07;30 PM
2517, Mon05;30 AM12;29 PM04;27 PM06;06 PM07;29 PM
2618, Tue05;30 AM12;29 PM04;26 PM06;05 PM07;28 PM
2719, Wed05;31 AM12;29 PM04;25 PM06;04 PM07;26 PM
2820, Thu05;32 AM12;28 PM04;24 PM06;03 PM07;25 PM
2921, Fri05;32 AM12;28 PM04;23 PM06;02 PM07;24 PM

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Singapore MUIS Ramadan Timetable – Prayer Timing

When is Ramadan in Singapore Muis 2023?

The MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) Ramadan Calendar for 2023 is not yet available as the exact dates for Ramadan in 2023 will be determined by the sighting of the moon. However, based on astronomical calculations, it is expected that Ramadan will start on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, and end on Thursday, April 20, 2023. The MUIS Ramadan Calendar for 2023 will be published closer to the expected start date, and it will provide the daily fasting times and prayer schedule for Muslims in Singapore during Ramadan.

So, this Ramadan we are with Singapore’s residents while giving a hand to office workers to reschedule their routine according to the Ramadan timetable, helping housewives so they can do some necessary preparations for the Kitchen before the start of Ramadan, and student manages their studies or exams in this holy month.

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