Australia Ramadan 2022 Timings Timetable Calendar with prayer time

Are you currently working in Australia and going to welcome the forthcoming Ramadan Kareem in Australia? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you well. Our Australia Ramadan Timetable (Calendar) with Sahar-o-Iftar & Prayer timetable will keep you updated about the holy month while being relaxed about the timing of Sehri, Iftari (fasting) and Prayer Timing.

Follow our Ramadan Australia Calendar with a fast and prayer timetable to observe your fast on time according to Islamic timing. This timetable is for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and other cities of Australia. We wish you to have a blessed Ramadan in Australia.

Sydney Ramadan 2022 Australia timetable with Sahar-o-Iftar Timing

105;44 AM6;50 PM02 April/2022
204;45 AM5;49 PM03 April/2022
304;45 AM5;48 PM04 April/2022
404;46 AM5;46 PM05 April/2022
504;47 AM5;45 PM06 April/2022
604;48 AM5;44 PM07 April/2022
704;48 AM5;43 PM08 April/2022
804;49 AM5;41 PM09 April/2022
904;50 AM5;40 PM10 April/2022
1004;50 AM5;39 PM11 April/2022
1104;51 AM5;37 PM12 April/2022
1204;52 AM5;36 PM13 April/2022
1304;53 AM5;35 PM14 April/2022
1404;53 AM5;34 PM15 April/2022
1504;54 AM5;33 PM16 April/2022
1604;55 AM5;31 PM17 April/2022
1704;55 AM5;30 PM18 April/2022
1804;56 AM5;29 PM19 April/2022
1904;57 AM5;28 PM20 April/2022
2004;57 AM5;27 PM21 April/2022
2104;58 AM5;25 PM22 April/2022
2204;59 AM5;24 PM23 April/2022
2304;59 AM5;23 PM24 April/2022
2405;00 AM5;22 PM25 April/2022
2505;01 AM5;21 PM26 April/2022
2605;01 AM5;20 PM27 April/2022
2705;02 AM5;19 PM28 April/2022
2805;03 AM5;18 PM29 April/2022
2905;03 AM5;17 PM30 April/2022
3005;04 AM5;16 PM01 May 2022
Sydney05:44 /am06:50 /pm
Perth05:07 /am06:12 /pm
Canberra05:52 /am06:58 /pm
Newcastle05:42 /am06:48 /pm
Wollongong05:45 /am06:51 /pm
Brisbane04:39 /am05:46 /pm
Gold Coast04:38 /am05:44 /pm
Logan City04:39 /am05:45 /pm
Adelaide06:04 /am07:10 /pm
Melbourne06:07 /am07:13 /pm

Ramadan 2022 in Australia

There are 500,000 plus Muslims in Australia who belong to different countries from all around the world. So, in Ramadan Kareem Australia depicts its diversity of Ramadan traditions.

Ramadan is the month when Muslims all around the world fast from dawn to dusk. In a country where Muslims are fewer in number, fasting can be difficult. As your colleagues, fellows and associates might insist you have a cup of coffee or lunch with you, so you can guide them nicely that you are fasting and it’s not allowed to drink or eat during the fast.

Peoples of other communities misunderstand that fasting is might a program for weight loss. You should tell them the real purpose of fasting is to learn self-control and to understand the condition of needy and hungry people so you can thank Allah for his unlimited blessings. This month gives the opportunity for self-reflection and people can change the bad aspects of their personalities. Fasting restores faith in Allah and people can adopt good habits of offering prayers regularly and reciting the Holy Quran.

Try to spend this Ramadan according to the teachings of our beloved Prophet (SAW) and the Quran to change your inner self. There is no surety of this temporary life. It can end at any moment so Ramadan Kareem gives you a chance to collect some good deeds for your next life. Don’t forget to help poor people. Don’t skip fast and prayers, and recite the Quran on a daily basis.  Bring and apply Islam teachings in your daily life and try to be a good representative of your Religion.

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