*Rampokan* – Tigers are going to release on Ramadan 2021?

Are you really interested and curious about Rampokan? If yes! Then don’t go anywhere else and follow us to get knowledge of Rampokan.

Rampokan was a long-established Javan Big Cat fight that took place at the end of Ramadan. This combat is a tradition of an island of Indonesia named Java, which is surrounded by two oceans. The north side of Javan is surrounded by Java Ocean and the south side is bounded by the Indian Ocean. According to Javanese, Rampokan signifies the purification an overcoming on evil.

Rampokan tigher fight
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The Big Cat label is referred to the five members of genre panther, which are able to roar including lion, leopard, tiger, and jaguar.

When the Rampokan was held, the Panthers were taken to a place which is circled by warriors holding lances. The Panthers or tigers captured in wooden boxes were released in a circle that was surrounded by fighters who were responsible to prevent the Tigers from breaking out the circle.

If the Panthers succeeded in breaking the circle, it was considered as the sign of disaster as famine. The first part of this fight was held between a tiger and buffalo when it was in its real form. In 2012, this ritual contributed a great success towards the economy of the country.

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Today, this Rampokan Ritual might not be in his true form but many developed countries are still celebrating its traditions similar to it.

Want to know more about Rampokan? There are many famous books published on this tradition which you can refer to have deep knowledge. You can buy these books online from different websites.

Rampokan Celebs Jawa Novel 

Rampokan Celebs is a graphic novel on Rampokan by Peter van Dongen. This book was published in 2004 and takes Indonesia at the time of 1940 as the background of the story. The book is available on Amazon and many other websites. You can buy it to enjoy the graphics.

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