The Ramadan Vibes – How we Feel Good at Ramzan?

Ramadan is the most beautiful month out of all, for Muslims around the globe. Though it may begin one or two days different in various countries yet we can evidently see the amazing Ramadan vibes on people’s social media accounts as well as the mosques and homes.

10 Ramadan Vibes

1-Rich Energy

Though it may seem like Ramadan deprives us of dynamism, vitalism, liveliness, and the daily oomph during the day and night because of fasting, truth be told, the energy we get for doing anything in Ramadan as compared to the other months is pretty much higher. The increase in our metabolism and efficiency in work or school while fasting is only God-given.

2-High Spiritual Faith

Egypt announces rules for holding prayers during Ramadan - Egypt Independent

When you wake up for Suhur, it’s at a time when no one actually eats a whole full meal for the entire day. But you do so because Allah t’ala has commanded you (for your own benefit; you can leave it but it is more blessed to eat.)

And when you go about your day be it full sun, full of heat and high-temperature day, and you don’t drink water, you are reminded that you only fear Allah.

You refrain from drinking hot chocolate in the evening like your normal days in winter because you’re fasting. Then you break your fast at Maghrib, right after dusk, that’s when you find out how dazzling it is to have a faith so strong.

3- Mixed Vibes

Needless to say, this month brings mixed Ramadan Vibes. You don’t just get super hyped, enthusiastic, and excited about making a new relationship with your Creator but also the routine can make you panic sometimes, to be honest, especially in the last few days. The constant hectic mundane may tire us.

Maybe this is why the biggest and highest night of all is in the last ten days of Ramadan.

4- Change in people:

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If someone calls you a Ramadan Muslim, know that they’re actually stamping you with something Allah T’ala is a witness of in a good way. Perhaps you don’t act on your religion the other 11 months but in Ramadan, you get the Ramadan vibes not just in your home but outside, too.

The food shops open up before Suhur and you will never see that in any other month around 3:30 am. Your friends and siblings become nicer. You stop listening to music. You refrain from eating during the day, you pray; not just the obligatory prayers but the Nawafil as well.

You fast, recite the Qur’an, make Zikr, become sane, and try to take care of the ones around you emotionally and physically, all for the sake of earning His pleasure. If anyone calls you a Ramadan Muslim because of that, be happy and stay humble because at least Allah tala granted you permission for your soul and mind to be able to do all that.

5-Constant Bliss:

Ramadan is a month of constant bliss. During the day when you’re fasting, you feel different from those around you who aren’t, in the most humble way. Not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. It is a month of constant bliss and you feel that falling on you.

6-A Source and Vibe of Serenity:

We may sometimes feel, during Ramadan, that we’re not good enough Muslims. That we’re not putting as much effort as it is actually needed to become the best Muslim versions of ourselves. All we need actually is a change in our perspective.

Let’s all be reminded here that all that matters is our intention. Our efforts matter so much in the eyes of Allah t’ala. More than actual actions, our thoughts matter. If we think like that and make efforts like so, Ramadan becomes an instant source of positivity, tranquility, and serenity giving out the best Ramadan Vibes.

7- Gaining of Taqwa

Taqwa (God-Consciousness) In Islam | Quran For kids

When you read posts about Ramadan over the internet, you feel plugged and pushed to do better as compared to the previous Ramadan. The Ramadan Vibes you get from such sources are unreal. That’s when and how you’re reminded that the basic and sole purpose of this month is gaining of Taqwa; piety and love of Allah t’ala only.

8- Changes in the market and homes

 When the prices start rising in the Muslim countries, know that Ramadan is approaching.

All jokes aside, the thing is, everything around us changes before Ramadan. During and after is apparent. But in Shu’ba’n, ostensibly, there is a significant difference in the markets. You will find all sorts of dates, and different vendors selling them in high-end stores as well as streets. Typical Suhur food; heavy parathas, yogurt, naan, and cuscus will be available in the late hours of the night. People get up to pray at night and you can see the lights in some houses before dawn.

And right before Iftar; breaking the fast; traffic becomes reckless and everyone gets in a hurry to get home. And before Maghrib Adhan calls out, there’s a significant stillness in the streets.

And inside houses, everyone sits down at the same table and prays and eats. Even those who never get to eat together in the rest of the months.

9- Reunion between families

For the sake of our good deeds which are meant to only please Allah t’ala, we become more tolerant towards our families especially our siblings and cousins. We strive to be kind, generous, helpful, nice and more loving towards each other.

This is only because of the Ramadan vibes.

10- Realizing the actual purpose of life

This month comes to make us realize the sole purpose of our existence in this world which is to worship Allah t’ala only. The only reason He SWT created us and the Jinns is to worship Him.

To find out what is right so we strive hard to stay sane and walk on it to gain the ultimate happiness in the world hereafter and the most beautiful reward in the form of Jannah.

And to find out which path is wrong and leads us to wrongdoings so we shun them and refrain from even thinking about the wicked in various ways.

Ramadan Vibes Quotes

Ramadan is a month of blessings. It’s a time to reflect on our lives and be grateful for what we have.
The best way to spend Ramadan is by spreading happiness and peace.
Ramadan is a time to come together and celebrate our faith and our community.
Ramadan is a time to reflect on our lives and be grateful for what we have.
Ramadan is a month of blessings. It’s a time to celebrate our faith and our community.
May the spirit of Ramadan stay in our hearts and enlighten our souls.
Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan.
Ramadan Mubarak to all
May this Ramadan be a month of blessings, a month of forgiveness, and a month of peace.

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